It makes me laugh to think of all the stupid stuff i use to do, And It makes my want to throw up knowing that i will never be able to do those things again. All those smiles that i caused are gone and it hurts knowing that but it feels good knowing that more is to come. So if your reading this think of a moment when i made you laugh and if your really my freind than you should have allot to choose from, you got the memory, now write it down for me please so that i can save it. I got an F in french and F on my report card thats on my record, my mom yelled at me today for geting to angry, i almost broke my trumpet because it made me angry, i told my borther he was a jerk because he made me angry, and i fell asleep in the middle of the day becasue it was the only thing that wasn’t makeing me mad. I now relize that i can’t get angry like use to, i creid and i don’t cry i’ve only creid once since i was six, i lost one of my best freinds and i don’t know why or what even happened, someone i barley know is keeping me awake so that sleep in nothing more than a day dream i have when i am soppose to be awake. I hate to admitt this but i’m scared, i’m terrifed acually, and i don’t knoe what off, and why i feel like this. Which brings me to my conclution it time for shyla to finally grow up and face my demonds, so one last time when ever i made you laugh write it down so i can save it.


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  1. Wow..there are so many…The crabs letter.  The days of the week like mean girls. The way you used to completely insult people but sound completely happy about it. Botox in the eye. The way you were scared of my eye lash curler. lol. Trying to keep the new girls away from Zandra.Doing the army boots and flip flops thing. Our story for Oral Comm. The way you used to tell me I was stupid. Being mean to Kristina. The list could go on and on..but you only asked for one. lol. I love you Shyla.

  2. shyla me and you have so many memories such as when me and you were in the bathroom and we took apart the stalls and flushed them down a toilet….. i miss you*tears*
    or how about the time when we would scream across the cafeteria at each other and everyone would just stare or when we would just flat out make fun of kristina(gf) or when we played the 10 fingers gAME… i could go on and on but i might make you mad and you mighgt break your trumphet….. oh and you cried b/c you miss me

    p.s. my hair looks good today
    oh and thats another one when we were walking down the hall and i saw my hair

  3. don’t be upset we will face it all together i’m not ready to face my deamons so if you want to wait i will wait with you….remeber the time when we walked to school past the forest and there was those damn gnomes!! and that freakin time portal we wouldn’t have got lost but it was caras falut she had to go in!! and that gate…ohh the gate…i love you soo much remeber you need to come back ill buy you a plane ticket just tell me when.

    love you more than anything in world..except chicken jerky(have you tried that yet?)

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