Was Up Ya’ll

i’m so bored, i have nothign to do, so i do what i seem to do best i started writting. It’s pretty long story i think it might end up as a book, cool huh? I can’t really tell if i’m depressed or not, i mean i’m happy but sad at the same time, but i guess thats not considered depresssed, so no i’m not. I have to take a test tomorrow in math and i’m worried i don’t know why because strangely when you look at it i’m really good at math, YES LAKIN AND KAYLA-JAY I AM GOOD AT MATH!! My room is fianlly coming along all my decks of cards are now on my wall. My daddy is going to school again hopefully hell get promoted Yeah that would be cool. We are goign to eat at our first “real” japanes restruant today when daddy gets home, YES COOLNESS.

Couple of pics

Big Bro   big sis  me

  kristy and izzy kaylee micha

Dude so if you like the type of music i do than look up Hast The Day, Finch and Breaking Benjamin, you’ll fall in love, or just like them allot.

  Go to fullsize image Go to fullsize image

Mr. Paul Wall, my new idol. Look at that grill,
 I’m going to get me one of those yeah baby.

I’m out, see you cat’s on the flip flop LATER

MC Shy Dizzle

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  1. YOU ARE GOOD AT MATH!? WHO KNEW!? OMG! I’m so proud. Well, tell me how that japanese food is. I  bet it’s good for the soul. Anywho, I’m going to go school. I ❤ you my darling!!! SMUAHZ!!!! Come home soon..

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