Oh my God How Much Do I Rule

yo chomies

i’m just chillen holdign my adidas socks, yeah, just got out of practice, woo that was fun, you know i run atleast 3 miles 5 days a week,( two laps around the feild, at least 10 laps around the basses, and we run up at least 4 blocks to another feild with more bass running not to metion all the runign i do in catching and stuff) don’t you wish you were me. But it’s fun i chill with _Sick-leave_ , Katie, Snoopy, Debby, Danny S., Tori, Erin, Michelle, Shelby-Warrior-Princess and Samatha-Girl, allday <- god thats alot of people my teamis fun. God you know how blue the sky is when it’s a bright sunny day, thats how blue Samatha-Grils eyes are it scars me, (i think i’m going to steal them). Welp i gots ta take care of my cat.


mc shy bizzle

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