you ya’ll

i’m bored and tired and off grounding man it a good day. I met soem chick who looked like a gummy bear it was funny, she wasn’t fat or anything it was just her face that looked like a gummy bear, like it was in the shape of a gummy bear it was pretty funny i mean i was dying. I went to far east it was fun i missed a week of school wich was kick a$$ becasue i hat english with the firey passion of 1,000 burining suns, the teacher is a serouis b– and you all know when it comes to adults i’m very respectable, but this teacher is serouisly asking for it, you know she told me i was  a bad writer, me a bad writer, thats what i do is write, now this she-devil from fat person yell “that the GYM in case you didn’t know”  is goign to tell me that i can’t write shes going to make me punch her in the face. D– you know i was having a good day till i thought about that freaking a– give me a second to clam down……. Anyways like i said far east was awsome even though playing for 8hrs messed up my tooth it’s not so noticable but i’m still upset about it. It rained again today it seems as though it rains everyday and then when your finally as depressed as the weather is it’s a sunny day that everyone is enjoying. I stopped trying to feel happy when the weather is happy f– the weather i don’t need it anymore i’m my own person, my life is not run by mother f–ing nature. You ever met a person and you don’t like them right away but you can’t really figure out why you just don’t like them, well the same thing happened with me and this chick Erin she seems nice eoungh i just don’t like the girl, i have no particular reason i just don’t like her.  I talked to this chick Lorri she is so freaking awsome, shes all quite and she keeps to herslef but she’s like a movie freak and is into post-mordern rock like Queens of the Stone Age and The Zeros, she small but she has liek this Marlyn Monroe voice, god she is so freaking kick a– plus she like a genuis. I have to fix my mp3 player it has alot of crappy songs on it so yeah. Well i guess i’ve had a filling three weeks or maybe more idk i’m done typing……..wait i wanted to tell you that i found out that i am a genuis…….or are i.


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  1. Dood  Just thought I’d comment you cause I haven’t in like forever. So hey.
              Well bye.
                          <<3 Kristina

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