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Chapter 2

“Maybe we should split up.”


It has been a long time since we have seen Lacy and Jessica, something happened that I care not to mention and we were basically forbidden to see them which sucks because the group is just hasn’t been the same since.

“Okay so this is going to take more effort then we have put into anything in the whole world.” Lakin said

Since we barely put any effort into anything that we do, I knew she was right.

“So how are we going to do it?” I asked

“I don’t know.” Lakin said staring the car, “All I know is you better get ready to run like crazy.”

“I hate running.” I whispered under my breath

The drive top Jessica’s house was a short one, but it seemed like it took forever because of the uncomfortable silence that was in the car. Kayla laid across the back seat and I sat in front twiddling my thumbs as Lakin drove. I hated when we had that silence in the among us, the type where you want to say something but you don’t know if you should, and someone else wants to say something and when they try to say something, you talk at the same time so you get stuck In that ‘no you go first’ thing, (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, lucky you, because it’s a very coward thing) All of a sudden I couldn’t take the silence any more so I turned on the radio, strangely it landed on  that Daniel Pawter song So You Had A Bad Day, we all looked at each and started to laugh.

“That’s so wrong.” I said still laughing

“To wrong.” Kayla said

So we listen to the whole song, because what else could you do but listen to get, no matter what you want to say it’s a pretty catchy song.

We drove up to a large house at the end of a driveway that seemed to go on for a mile. We all stood on the black street afraid to put even a foot on paved driveway. I do not know what was running through Lakin and Kayla head at that moment but I bet it was along the same lines as what was going through my head

“Oh my god oh my god oh my god, we shouldn’t do this, wait yes we should, no I was right the first time no we shouldn’t, stop being a woss and go, no wait wait think about this for a second, one seconds up now go, no wait this is crazy, you’ll be fine, no this is crazy you’ll die, no you’ll be fine, hey shut up, no you shut p, no you shut up you freak, your moms a freak, your dads a freak, I hate you, I hate you to, go go go go go go go, wait no don’t not yet g, go go GO!”

Then we all at the same time put one foot out in front and set on the drive way. I was feeling a little shaky and looking at Kayla I could tell she felt the same.

“You guys ready?” Lakin asked

“Nope.” I said confidently

“Let’s go.’ Lakin yelled, and we ran like the wind up the driveway to the house that held the last two components of or team.

Reaching the house we knew knocking on the door was out of the question, if we were seen at this hose we would be burned alive, so we ran around the back. At a window maybe three stories up the was a figure, I figured it had to be either lacy or Jessica, so I threw a rock at the window. I guess I don’t know my own strength because the window shattered into a million pieces, and to make maters even better it wasn’t lacy or Jessica it was lacy mom and she didn’t look happy.

“You three again.” She screamed out the window, “Wait right there I’m coming to get you.”

I stood there in my tracks

“Shyla what are you doing?” Lakin asked trying to run away.

“Sitting here, God she said to wait.”

“Yeah so she can kill us, come on stupid.” Lakin drug me around the house.

We ran around to the front, it must have been just as Lacys mom was running to the back, because the door was wide open and no one was inside. We walked through the house scream-whispering Jessica and Lacy’s names

“Maybe we should split up.” Kayla sad realizing that we weren’t going to find them this way.

“No haven’t ever seen Scoopy Do, you never split up the gang.” I said

We continued together up the stars to find our friends. Running up the stairs, we herd a voice, so of course, we ran to it, but reaching the top of the stairs, we saw something that amazed us all. Doors everywhere but what did they lead to? I was more confused then a midget at the far grounds.

“Which door?” Kayla asked

“I don’t know, I guess check al of them.”

So we got busy, opening and shutting doors as fast as we could, hoping to see at least one of our friends. Finally, after what seemed like 100 doors had been opened, there was one last door.

“The have to be in here” I said breathing heavily

“If not than that’s some crap.” Lakin said trying to catch her breath

I grabbed the handle cold and most in my hands, I turned it, the door swung open to let us see something so shocking so amazing that I could not move of a few seconds.

“UNO!” Jessica yelled standing up and jumping around the room

“No you cheated.” Lacy yelled back

“You’re just jealous,” Jessica said happily

“Jessica Lacy!” I yelled running into the room.

“Oh My God I thought you were gone.” Lacy said standing up and throwing her cards down.

“It’s a long story.” I said softly

“No it’s not, I got you. She left the plan, came to my house, we went to Lakins house, then to see her then here, now your mom is chasing us. Oh and Flight Attendants are chasing us too. So we came to get you two.” Kayla said in all of 5 seconds.

            “Wow okay I guess it wasn’t as long of a story as I thought. Well get up lets go.” I said

            Jessica looked at me in a confused way “Go where, we can’t get out of here without her mom seeing us.”

            “Yeah we can if we go out the window.” Lakin said walking over to the open window.

            “No ones going out the window!” Lacy’s mom stood in the doorway.

            “Oh crap.” I said softly, “Run!”

            All at once, we pushed passed the women standing in our way (not hurting her of course) and ran down the hall.

            “You’ll never get passed me!” Lacy’s mom got up, jumped clear across the hallway, and landed on Lakin.

            “No Lakin!” I yelled but before I could grab here Jessica and Kayla pulled me away.

            We went down the stairs and out the house to the woods in front of thee house. I sat on a rotting stump. “She’s still in there.” I cried

            “Forget Lakin she’s gone.” Lacy said.

            “No I will not just forget Lakin, your mom has here and for all I know she could be dead, but I won’t rest until I find out.” I stood up

            “And what if she is dead?” lacy asked

            “Then I’ll tell her parents, but we can’t think negatively, if we do she’ll die.” I marched forward and turned around to see my friends with a defeated look on their faces, “We mustn’t give up, if we do then it’ll be the end of all kinds who get captured my crazy moms who locked kids in rooms to play uno for the rest of their lives. I for one will not be the cause for that.”

            “Me either!” Jessica moved beside me, “Let’s save Lakin, even if that means loosing everyone’s lives but mine.”

            “That’s the sprit, kind of.”  I looked at Lacy and Kayla “Are you in?”

            “I guess.” Kayla said sadly.

            “Okay but you guys don’t know my mom.” Lacy said turning around.

            “Yeah but you do.” I put my hand on her shoulder, “And you’re going to help us.”

            “Fine but we have to do this my way or we all die.”

            We all got in a line and began towards Lacy’s. We have only saved one person before, and that mission did not turn out the way we planed it, but we weren’t going to leave Lakin to die, even though that has always been the plane (if one of us was to be captured by an evil mom than we would just let the other one die. Why we have, such a packed is beyond me, because I don’t want to die, I haven’t even tasted lobster yet. It was Lakin’s idea; I just went along with it because she had a crazed look in her eye.) I couldn’t just let her die, I wanted to but for some reason I was telling myself NO go safe her.

            We got to the door and all our breathing was heavy, we were all afraid but none of us would say it. Lacy tried to door, but it was locked, this wasn’t a good sign.

            “So now what do we do?” I asked

            “The only thing we can do, break it down.” Lacy said smiling; she’s been wanting to break a door down since she saw David Hassleholf do it on Night Rider.

            “Okay let’s do it.” I said happily.

            We moved back, and got ready. This was going to hurt but it was worth it. We ran towards the door at full speed. The door blew down with no problem.

            “Who’s at my door!” a loud voice came from in the house somewhere.

            “Lets go women, give us our friend back!” I yelled

            “Come and get her!” the voice yelled

            “Coming!” Jessica said happily

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