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Chapter 3:
What are who going to do?
We walked slowly and quietly up the stairs to a small room here we hoped Lakin was kept. I stared at the red mahogany door and remembered all the good times Lakin and I had, but then I started to remember the bad times and now I regretted doing this. But NO! She is my friend and Im not going to let her sit in this room and rot like a horrible worm infested apple.
Bust it down. I said softly
No shell hear that, we have to be quite. Lacy said looking around. She grabbed a hairpin lying on the ground, Here who can pick a lock?
I can. I said grabbing the hairpin from her hand. I shoved the hairpin in the lock and wiggled it around a bit. I turned around slowly holding the pin up for all eye to see, It broke. I said hanging my head in shame, I had seen it down so many times in the movies, it looked so easy, but its not.
Ah now what are we going to do? Jessica through her arms up.
What are who going to do? Brandy walked up behind us.
Brandy what the heck, what are you doing here? I asked starring at the girl who was supposed to be at her own house.
Cheese. She said simply holding up a slice of cheese, Lacys mom gives it away and who Brandy to pass that up.
Youre here for cheese. I said turning around to see my friends starring at me.
Yeah, thats what Brandy said. Hey if you herd free cheese you would come running just like Brandy. She shoved the rest of the slice she was eating into her mouth, and pulled anther one out of pocket and smiled happily.
Wow you know you never cease to amaze me. I said putting my hands on my shoulder.
Who are you talking to Shyla? Kayla asked
Brandy. I said pointing at the girl eating cheese. By the looks that my friends were giving me I knew that I was the only one who could she this cheese eating Brandy. No one Im talking to myself.
Well stop and think of a way to open that door. Kayla said
Try the door handle. Brandy said with her mouth full.
Brandy the door handle is not going to work this is not a cartoon. I said twisting the handle. Well it worked, and Brandy laughed at me, this time I was happy I was the only one who could see her.
We looked inside to see Lakin sitting on the floor playing uno with her brother.
Lakin! I yelled running to the girl who looked half drained. Oh my God are you okay.
Oh God I hate Uno, please get me out of here. She said looking at all of us.
We dragged Lakin out of the room and set her against the door. I turned to go back into the room.
What are you doing? lakin asked out of breath
Getting Sam. I said
Leave him hes to far gone to be saved. She said with a distant look in her eye
All we herd form the room was heavy breathing and the sound of a now empty shell saying softly through a drooling mouth Uno Uno Uno Uno Uno.
I closed the door before I could here the horrible sounds again I knew she was right he was gone, and no one could save him. We all starred at Lakin hoping that she would be okay. She starred at us and smiled, she was going to be fine.
Lets go guys we have to get out of here before she sees us. Lakin said standing up, If she sees us then we will never get you home.
I know lets go. I helped Lakin gain her balance, and we began to walk quietly down the hall
So where do we go. I turned and looked at Lacy
Why are you asking me? Lacy said
Because its your house, so where do we go. Kayla said.
This way, I know where to go. Jessica moved to the front of the group
It seemed as though we where walking in circles, and I would have been okay with it if I didnt have invisible cheese eating Brandy talking to me the whole time. Every turn she would say, this is the wrong way, wrong turn, your going in circles. And to top it all off she kept talking about herself in third person, and it was really annoying.
Youre going the wrong way. Brandy said smiling
Yeah well which way are we suppose to go since you obviously know the way. I said staring at Brandy, knowing that to everyone else I was staring at the wall.
Youll let Brandy lead the way? she said smiling, seeing me nod my head she ran to the front of the pack, Follow Brandy. She said skipping down the hall.
Come on, follow me. I said running after Brandy
It took all I could to keep up with the happily skipping Brandy, but I soon realized that she was leading us up the house instead of down, this was a trap. How could invisible cheese eating Brandy lead us to a trap, I thought she was cool.
We ran into Lacy mom sitting in a big gold chair. Thank you invisible cheese eating Brandy. She said not taking her eyes off of us.
Shyla how could you lead us right to Lacys mom? Kayla cried
It wasnt me I was following the invisible cheese eating Brandy. I defended myself with the one thing that could prove to everyone that I was actually crazy.
Thats what you said last time. Jessica said starring into the eyes of Lacys mom
Fine you dont have to believe me. I said sitting down on the cold floor
Take this. Kayla through a pen at Lacys mom
Ow. Lacy’s mom looked at the pen on the floor. That hurt, I mean not hat much and it didnt leave a mark or anything, but it was irritating, good try. She stood up showing us her full height.
For once in my life I was scared out of my mind, but confident at the same time. I knew what I had to do, I didnt want to do it, but I knew that it had to happen. I stood up and put my hand out behind my back and within a second what I needed was inside my hand, Jessica put it there she knew what I had to do. I prepared myself thinking of all the fun times Ive had over my years, but again all the bad stuff took over and I was ready.
I held my hand up like I was going to through something at the Women towering over me, I challenge you to Uno.
Everyone gasped, it was a shock that I was challenging her, but it was time for me to step up and face my demons.
A table appeared out of no where with two chairs across form each other, this was the set up. I sat in the chair, I could feel the cold even through my jeans, it was more a chilling sensation that ran up my spine then it was a cold feeling, I figured it was to through me off my game, but what she didnt know was that I was the uno champion of the world back in 1998 so she was is for a real challenge.
I dealt out the cards and looked at my hand, it wasnt the best hand in the world, but I would make it work, I had to, so many lives depended on it, including mine. She set the color, green; I had no green cards, so I drew one from the large pile that separated us, blue. I took another card in my hand, green, thank God. She changed the color from green to blue, luckily I had a blue card, and so I set it down happily, not knowing that I was falling into another trap. She used my blue six to change the color back to green. She smiled this erry smile that might make another kid run, but not me, not now. I drew another card, it was a wild card, but I can see from the look in her eyes that she has more tricks up her sleeve, so I kept my wild so that I could deal with what ever she had next. Lucky for me the next card I draw was a green and even better luck it was a reverse.
Reverse. I said My turn again, Red reverse, my turn again, draw 2 to finish my turn.
Everyone behind me cheered, but I wish they didnt, this game is far from over, for all I know shes holding a hand of all wilds and she can win right now. She draws her two cards with a smirk on her face that could mean she has something good, or something bad, only time could tell that. To my shock she sets down a nine making it my turn once again.
I set down a three, but I soon realized that was a mistake, the smile she gave made me sit back in my chair, she had something up her sleeve. She set down a reverse, then another reverse, then a wild and said the words I regretted. Green. She said it with such ease and happiness. She knew that I knew that I couldnt defend against that, I had no greens. Then it was my turn once again, I had no greens but I did have a wild a blue reverse, a blue five and a red six. If I set this down then I just needed her to change the color to red and I would when our safe passage. Wild, blue. I said softly but still confident.
She put down a blue four and smiled at me.
Reverse, my turn again. Five, Uno. I dared not look into her eyes.
She set down a blue card I couldnt tell you what number it was I was too focused on my hand taking another card form the deck. It was red, no green, no blue, no yellow, oh sweet God it was another wild, what luck.
Wild. I said loudly, Red.
She looked upset, and defeated, because she knew that she was defeated. She put down a red card with a sad look on her face.
I put down that nine, I had never felt as happy as I did at that moment, and I got up from the chair and looked her straight in the eyes, Uno out. I said smoothly, and then turned to jump around like a five year old with my friends.
No how could you beat me? she screamed, This is not possible.
Obviously it is. Kayla said with an attitude.
No you will not leave, I will not allow it! she said waving her arms to close the door that was our only way out.
Hey you cant do that, I beat you. I said standing in front the giant of a woman
I can do anything I want. She smiled.
Do something Shyla. Jessica yelled at me
II dont know what to do. I bowed my head, I was defeated.
Oh I know what to do. Lacy step in front of me. She smiled at her mom who didnt look worried, Damp. She said softly
Just as the words flowed into her ears, Lacys mom fell to the ground and let out a high pitch scream I was sure the rest of the world could here. She grabbed her ears and shook her head, I didnt know what was going on but I knew that this was our chance to get out of here.
We ran out the room down the twisting hallways till finally we found the stairs that would lead us to freedom. We ran down the stairs and the house began to shake.
Its falling apart! Jessica yelled.
We ran as fast as our legs could carry us down the breaking stairs and out the door that now lay on the floor. We got to the woods and watch the house fall down.
Its a little beautiful if you really think about what we went through. I said smiling
What about your mom and Sam. Kayla asked
My mom is fine nothing hurts that woman. Lacy said happily
And Sam is like a cockroach, you cant get ride of him, he just keeps coming back. Lakin said
Okay what the heck was up with the word damp, making your mom go crazy? Kayla asked
Lacy laughed and slapped her knee, Mom hates the word damp, she says its dirty, and its makes her feel dirty.
We all laugh and say the word damp to each other and pretend to fall to the ground.
Brandy hates to break up your fun guys, but remember the Flight Attendants are still after you. Brandy stood in front of me unharmed even though she was just in an explosion.
Your right we have to go. I said looking at my friends
Where did Brandy come form? Kayla asked
You can see her now? I looked at everyone who was staring at Brandy I told you she was in there, only she was invisible and she was eating cheese.
Yeah no time for details they get closer every second you waste talking about Brandy and cheese.
Your right lets go guys. I said
We were off, me and my best friends walked side by side down the street. Even though Lacys house had just exploded, Lakin was captured, Jessica and Lacy had to play uno for the last year, I left a plane and got a gash in my leg and dont know where my parent are, and Kayla is now officially in trouble for being out at 2:00 at night, we laughed our way down the street, still joking about the word damp making Lacys mom go crazy. This was how it was suppose to be, just us laughing about stupid thing. This is why I got off hat plane, but I needed to get back to my family.

Chapter 4:
Your not leaving without a fight.
We headed down the street singing stupid songs and saying stupid things. For the time being we were all happy, and didnt think about anything bad. But that time was soon going to be ruined. I knew what was coming, it sucked that I had to admit it but I knew that I was soon going to have to leave my friends. Leaving was something that I had always thought about but I never thought it would hurt so much. I just wanted to get out of Arkansas I never thought about the fact that I was in fact leaving my best friends at the same time. God if someone would have told me what moving truly meant that I would have never wished so bad to have it.
So what are we suppose to do now? Jessica asked realizing that this fun had to end.
I dont know. I said sadly I need to go with my family, I know that but I dont want to leave you guys. I stopped and looked at all my friends faces, so many thoughts ran through my head, but none of them could work. I need to go with my family. I said again, And thats finale.
They all understood what I was saying, if they were in my shoes they would do the same thing, plus I was always going to have them, thats what the internet is for.
But how do we get you all the way to Japan? Lacy asked, And how do we do it with out the Flight Attendants getting to you?
I sat on the cold pavement, I dont know.
Im afraid that we dont have time to think about that. Lakin said pointing in back of me.
There they were tall, in all blue, and heals. The Flight Attendants stood all in a row, smiling happily. I stood up and brushed the dirt of my ripped jeans. I stared down at the row of women in wired hats, I knew what I had to do. Its me they want. I said softly, So its me theyll get. I walked down the pavement, but before I could take a second step a and grabbed my arm.
Your not leaving without a fight. Jessica said.
I smiled at my friends who al looked ready to fight, Hex yes! I yelled. They were ready to risk everything to keep me away form the Flight Attendants, these are my friends, they will never let you fall. I turned around to see the ladies coming closer to us.
Youll never escape us. The one in the middle said, swopping her hair back into the bun shape that all flight attendants have.
Probably not, but we will run so far and for so long that youll eventually just give up. I said with a laugh, So really what you need to be thinking is how long do you want to be chasing me.
Forever. One on the far right said in a high monotone voice.
Forever, yeah we can do that. I laughed
We turned an ran fast down the road. I knew that we werent really going to run forever, thats way to much work, and if we can get things done will little to no effort than thats what we would do. I had a plan, but we needed to get out of the Flight Attendants range of view before I could tell them what I was thinking up. We ran in to the woods near us. It was dark and hard to see but some how we all stayed together.
We ended up smacking into the side of a house. It really hurt, but its not really our faults, who builds a house in the middle of the woods, a wooden house at that, something like that is just not safe.
In here. I said rubbing my head, where it had collided with the wall.
We ran into the house, inside was even more creepy than the fact that the house was there in the first place. Inside was all metal, cold and bare, a bed made of metal, next to it sat a desk with a chair both made of metal, and a table with four chairs all made of metal. The house was blinding, I couldnt figure out how someone could live in such a place, but I guess what ever floats their boat.
Okay. Lacy said looking around, she obviously thought the same thing I did, and by the looks on everyones face they all thought the same thing.
I have a plane you guys. I said slowly still in shock by this wooden house with a metal inside. I sat down in the chair at the desk, Oh sweet God, Its hot.
Kayla put her hand on the metal bed, Ow it is hot.
I looked at my friend who obviously didnt believe me when I said the metal was hot, I just told you that, why would you touch it if I told you that its was hot. You know I dont understand you sometimes.
If I get to the air Japan before my family gets there, and before the Flight Attendants get me then Ill be home free right? I said walking around the room careful not to touch anything, So I need to fly there, so why dont I just ask Ashley.
It was about a year ago when Ashley decided that she wanted to fly a plane. The people at Delta airlines were excited by her enthusiasm, and said that they would love to teach her. Well she went though a year long course on how to fly a plane, and she passed the course, but then came the bad new. They said the because of her age that they would never let her actually fly a plane, but she could sit with the pilot as he flew the plane. Thats wasnt enough for Ashley, she needed the adrenaline rush of flying a plan, and figured that flying one without a legal license was even more of a rush. What is legal anyways. Thats what she would always say to me. So she went to the one person who could get her a plan, Whitney. When Whitney herd that Ashley wanted her to get a plan she was excited, she hadnt got anything that big in a long time. Well I dont know the details on how Whitney acquired an F-15, but in about 10 days there was one behind Ashleys house. No need to say that Ashley has been giving $25 rides for the past six months. I know shes been waiting for an excuse to fly across the ocean and now she was going to get one.
Would she take you. Kayla asked
Hex yeah, do you no how long Ashleys been waiting to fly over seas? I said happily
No. Jessica said happily.
Well shes been waiting forever. I said All we need to do is track her down. It shouldnt be that hard, I mean where could Ashley be?
The truth was that I had no idea where Ashley was, and tracking her down was going to be one of the most difficult things that we have ever done, but this was the only way.
So there we go, lets go get Ashley. Lacy though her arms up and landed them on the desk sitting by here Ow God and get out of this creppy house, please.
Yeah Im starting to feel wired in here. Lakin said.
So that was it we needed to get to Ashley, and everything would be okay, who knew that it was going to be that easy.

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  1. Wow You  write alot.. Yeah I did my Oral Comm project on gay marriage and equal rights and it caused a large uproar. Miss Cranor was getting mad because people wouldn’t shut up about it.

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