here you go guys, these just flowed out of my head while i was in com. apps. so hope you like them!


Chapter 5

“Oh sick.”

We walked out the building, still smiling and laughing, but that soon ended. The Flight Attendants stood in front of us, all in a row, with this serious look on their faces. Was this the end? No it wasn’t, it couldn’t be,  wasn’t going to go out like this. I knew how I was going to die, and being taken out by some freaky Flight Attendants was not the way.

“How do you guys keep finding me?” I through my arms up, “God you guys are like blood hounds or something.”

“No only part.” The one on the far right said to tilting her head a bit. A smile came on her face as she walked closer to me her heels slightly sticking in the mud, but she still kept her balance, “So are you ready to give up?”

I looked into her eye, cold and dark, her stair sent chills up and down my spine, I knew then that she was pure evil. How could someone who brought you hot tea and packaged nuts, be so evil.

“Are you ready to stop chasing me?” I said with an attitude 

“Look kid, no one escapes our plane, you get on in one place and you get off in another, that’s just how it works, so stop being difficult and come with us.” She stuck her hand out

“No.” I said firmly turning my back to walk away from her

I felt a hand on my shoulder and it occurred to me that it was either the cold calmly hands of death, or that Flight Attendant, either way it was horrible, but I’d much rather it be death than that women.

“Do not turn your back on me.” she demanded.  “Let’s go now!”

I turned around and brushed off her hand that was now digging into my shoulder, her hand fell swiftly to her hip taking a piece of my shirt with her. “I said NO.” I moved back, “You can’t make me do anything.” I smiled at the now clearly irritated Flight Attendant.

She turned her head to the side a bit, but before I got a chance to even say a word her face went form and average looking women to a beast. I knew what was going on, the Flight Attendants were finally showing the world who they really were.

“Oh sick.” I said under my breath

Through pointed teeth and drool the Flight Attendant (now turned beast) said in a deep voice, “Your coming with us whether you like it or not.”

I was hesitant to say anything, they were so much more powerful then I was, but I knew I couldn’t give up without a fight. I reached my hand into my jeans, there was something in my pocket, it was pointy and had rough edges, but what was it. I stared to think about everything that I could have put into my pocket, when it finally occurred to me, my mom.


***Flash back***

“Here is they key that I found when was your age, it helped me through so much and now I’m giving it to you.” My mom smiles and hands me a well polished silver key.

“But what am I suppose to do with it?” I asked staring at the small metal object in my hands

“When the time comes you’ll knew what to do with it.” She walked away leaving me to wonder what the heck she was talking about.

I hate when people leave me with mysterious answers, it’s like when I asked what Lakin had in her hand that one day and all

she said was, “It could be anything.” What kind of crap is that?



I now know what my mom intended for me to do with this key, I took it out of my pocket and held it up for all eyes to see. It was still shiny and gleemed in the moon light.

“What are you going to do with that?” the beast asked me with a slight attitude in her voice

“Well I don’t really know, but what a do know is that it’s going to beat you.” I said pointing the key at the beast.

“Ha.” She looked and me through red eyes, “Ha Ha Ha Ha, you can’t beat me with one stupid key.”

 All the flight attendants started to laugh at me.

“Shut up!” I said throwing the key at the women.

Suddenly a flash of light came illuminating the whole forest, and then the most amazing thing happened. An explosion set the women flying backwards, hitting trees and snapping branches on her way down. I couldn’t hear anything it was light a supersonic blast, the only thing I could hear was this slight ringing, then nothing, complete silence, it was a bit peaceful.

“Holly crap it’s a bomb, my mom gave me a bomb, that’s freaking awesome.” I and looked over at my friends who lay on the ground, they didn’t move, and it occurred to me, that the explosion had hit them as well.

I couldn’t breath, they were hurt by the explosion to, how I could have let this happen. I fell to the ground and felt the mud surround my fingers as I pressed my hands as hard as I could to the ground. My chest hurt so bad, it was as if someone had just punched me in it, my tongue swelled up in my mouth and tears rolled down my face. I killed them, my best friends, who have down so much for me, I killed them.  I laid on the ground, I couldn’t move, if I did I knew it would just ma the pain worse. I couldn’t close my eye, I laid there staring at what I had just done.

It was about an hour before someone came and saw the damage I had down. A man with shaggy black hair picked me up and put me inside a car.

“What happened?” a guy stood in front of me with a small smile on his face

“It was me.” I said softly, “I throw the key, I blew up my friends.” My eyes closed, leaving me in black.



“Everything is going to be okay.” My mom stood in front of me smiling

I was in my old room with boxes all around me, my walls were bare, all my posters sat in a box in front of me. Tap was in my hands, no doubt it was to tape the boxes up, but the box was wet. I looked up to see if there was a leak in my ceiling, but the water was coming form me, I was crying.

“don’t cry, everything is going to be okay I promise.” My mom came and put her arms around me.

Suddenly I felt okay, like everything was going to be okay, but there was something in side me saying that everything wasn’t going to be fine.

My mom left he room, with a reassuring smile. I stood by myself in a blank room full of past memories, that would soon be erased to make room for new ones. He tears won’t stop rolling down my face, covering my posters. I wiped my face with my sleeve and tried to think of happy things to stop the tears from coming, but nothing worked. What was I going to do it felt like my life was over, even though I knew it wasn’t. I sat down on the cold floor no longer carpeted and leaned against the boxes that had my life in it. I stared at my room now packed away in lightly colored boxes. The rest of my family seemed to be taking this well, and I was too until I realized what moving truly meant. My hands went numb, this was it I was moving and there was nothing that I could do about it. A thought popped into my head, I would always have my family, and the tears stopped.

My brother walked into the room, standing as tall as ever, “you ready to go, Shy?” he gave me a small smile.

I looked around a the boxes one last time, then back to my brother, “Yeah I’m ready.” I smiled back at him. I stuck my hand out and he pulled me up form the ground.

He put his arms around my shoulders, “Everything is going to be okay.” He said softly, he was right.

We walked out of my room together, into the living room where the rest of my family stood waiting for us. They all smiled, and I knew than that everything was truly going to be okay.





Chapter 6

“Nothing, it was Nothing.”

I woke up, not in a hospital bed where I expected to be, but in a police station, sited in a chair with my arms folded around my face to keep the bright light out that hung above me. I didn’t know what was going on, I half expected a man in a pin striped tie and brown pants to come and start beating me for answer, and I also expected my mom to come out and hug me and tell me that everything was going to be okay, that she was hear now and she was taking me home.

I didn’t know which one I wanted more, my mom, lying to me, because no matter how many times she said it, it was never going to be okay, what I had just done, was something that could never be fixed. Or did I want to guy beating me for answers I didn’t have. I didn’t know why that key blew up and killed everyone but me, it just did. . My head started to hurt, and the tears started to build up again. But right before a tear could fall down my face someone opened the door.

“Matt what are you doing here?” I looked at the boy dressed in a black suite and shiny shoes.

“I’m your attorney.” He aid fixing his black tie. He sat in the chair across from me and took out a yellow folder. “What happened?”

I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that he was my attorney. There was no way I could answer that question I didn’t know myself what exactly happened. So I said the only ting that I could get out. “When did you pass the bar?”

“Yesterday.” He said proudly, “Now what happened.?”

“I, don’t know they key just exploded, it was scary.” I looked at the multi colored table that I sat at.

“Okay what key.” He said looking into his folder.”

“The key my mom gave me, it was a bomb, and it blew up everyone.” I looked at the boy who seemed more confused then I was.

“Okay what are you talking about.”

I stared at the boy who seemed puzzled at my confession, “What are you talking about?” I asked

“The flight you got off.” He said looking at me as though I had something completely strange on my face

“Yeah I know, then they key.” I said

“Shyla you’ve been here that whole time, there was no key.” He set the folder down and put his hand on mine.

“No there was a key, and it blew up Lacy, Kayla, Lakin, and Jessica.” I got up form the chair, “And the Flight Attendants, they got blown up too.”

“No one was blown up.” He said sanding and walking across the table

I looked around the room began to spin, I put my back against the door, the handle stuck into my back. “No there was a key, and an explosion, I killed them, I know I saw them, the Flight Attendants, I know I saw, believe me.” I sunk down to the floor and grabbed my knees, “I saw it.” I began to shake

“It’s okay, I’m here to help. You must have just dreamt up that whole thing.” He crouched down and sat in front of me, “Everything is going to be okay.”

“Shut up you don’t get to say that, you don’t know that!” I stood up pushing the boy out of my way, “I’m not crazy, your crazy. Where are my parents?”

“Your parents are in Japan.” He moved a little closer to me, “And that’s where you need to be, so come with me.”

“No you’re a liar, your working with them.” I moved back “Get away from me where are my parents I want them here now.”

I feel backwards, tripping over the chair in back of me, I smacked my head against the hard marble floor.


            I sat in a plane chair, strapped in tight. I looked at my father who was sited next to me reading a book. He smiled at me. I looked away from him to the seat in front of me. I palms began to sweat, and my heart started to beat out of my chest.

            “I can’t do this.” I said softly. I got up and ran down the aisle as fast as I could. I went down the long path that connected the plane to the airport. When I got to the ground, I lend forward and fell to the ground. Oh god what have I just down. I laid flat on my back, breathing heavily.

            People  began to hover over me. A man with black hair looked at me in a strange way, “She’s dead.” He said in a high pitched voice.

            “She’s not dead.” A women said standing next to the man.

            “No she’s dead.” The man said leaning towards me, “Look she’s dead, trust me I know.”

            “How do you know.” Another man said staring at me right in the eyes.

            “I just know, I’m a doctor.” The man said proudly

            The women looked at the man, “Printing a certificate off the internet doesn’t make you a doctor.”

            “Yes it does, your just jealous.” The man looked at the women with and evil smile on his face.

            “Look.” Another women smacked me ion the face, “she’s fine, she just hit her head.”


            My friends stood above me smiling. I got up and felt the back of my head, God it hurt like something else. I looked around then to the ground where a rock laid sticking out of the mud.

            “What the heck was that?” I rubbed my head.

            “You fell.” Jessica said, “And hit your head on that rock, you where knocked out, but I smacked you, so your fine now.” Se smiled proudly

            I smacked her in the arm with the back of my hand, “That hurt, you jerk.”

            “Hey I was waking you up.” She hit me back in the arm

            “Still.” I said still rubbing the back of my head, “So what’s going on?”

            Kayla jumped forward, “Nothing we are going to see Ashley remember.”

            “What about the Flight Attendants and the key.” I said looking around to see an undamaged forest.

            “What key.” Kayla answered

            I reached my hand into my pocket, the key was still there, I smiled, then realizing that it was a bomb I took my hand off it. “Nothing, never mind, Lets go.”

            We walked out side the woods to a paved street, none of us knew which way to go, so all at once we turned left and started walking.

            “So what did you dream when you got knocked out?” Lakin walked up beside me

            “Nothing, it was nothing.” I smiled, and she smiled back, that was all that needed to be said.

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  1.  hate when people leave me with mysterious answers, it’s like when I asked what Lakin had in her hand that one day and all
    she said was, “It could be anything.” What kind of crap is thati remeber that!!! and i miss flashbacks and my psychologically distortaion you need to come back

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