all right yo guys here is the rough draft of the hole story, hope you all like it. I’, goign to edit it, when i get the time, but rigth now i’m way to tired. But i guess i would give you guys the raw version before i pump it up.

The Last Great Adventure




My friends and I are not your average group. We all have stuck tighter through thick and thin, but our thick and thin are so much more different then the group around the corners. So much bad stuff has happened to us, from being lost in the mall, to being stuck in a closet, and we have even been stuck inside a school before. Our group does much more than the groups you see around our school, and I am so happy that I had them to share it with.

It’s hard to describe my friends and who they are, it’s hard to describe anything about them, but to someone who is reading this story and doesn’t know the people that I have spent to much time with, honestly you won’t get it. So I will give you examples of my friend who they are and what they have done for me and each other.

A while ago I wrote a note on my online diary about who depressed I was about moving, I asked everyone who read my post to write down a time when I made them laugh, here some of there writings.


Kayla: Wow..there are so many…The crabs letter.  The days of the week like mean girls. The way you used to completely insult people but sound completely happy about it. Botox in the eye. The way you were scared of my eye lash curler. lol. Trying to keep the new girls away from Zandra.Doing the army boots and flip flops thing. Our story for Oral Comm. The way you used to tell me I was stupid. Being mean to Kristina. The list could go on and on..but you only asked for one. lol. I love you Shyla.


Stephanie: Telling Kristina her girlfriend is ugly. and we have to find a girl named april, and get a milkshake with her. ❤  ❤


Ashely: shyla me and you have so many memories such as when me and you were in the bathroom and we took apart the stalls and flushed them down a toilet….. i miss you*tears*or how about the time when we would scream across the cafeteria at each other and everyone would just stare or when we would just flat out make fun of kristina(gf) or when we played the 10 fingers gAME… i could go on and on but i might make you mad and you mighgt break your trumphet….. oh and you cried b/c you miss m ❤


p.s. my hair looks good today

oh and thats another one when we were walking down the hall and i saw my hair


Lakin: don’t be upset we will face it all together i’m not ready to face my deamons so if you want to wait i will wait with you….remeber the time when we walked to school past the forest and there was those damn gnomes!! and that freakin time portal we wouldn’t have got lost but it was caras falut she had to go in!! and that gate…ohh the gate…i love you soo much remeber you need to come back ill buy you a plane ticket just tell me when.

love you more than anything in world..except chicken jerky(have you tried that yet?)


            My friends are always there for me. Kayla is the ghettoes white girl I have ever met in my life, she is always there to give me advice about my life, and I am there everyday giving her advice on everything. Lakin is just like me only a little quieter; we laugh at stupid stuff and joke about toilets being in heaven, which should give you inset on our long strange walks to school. Jessica is so funny, she cannot help but laugh, and I know this because while in French class lakin and I tested her. Lacy, man that a hard one, think of a ghetto white girl who listen to rock and alternative music and you got lacy, I remember our conversations about being black on the inside, those always made me laugh. Stephanie is one that seems to be trapped, stuck in a house with a controlling mother she thinks of planes to make her mother mad, and when I am 18, I will swing by her house to kidnap her with lakin. Brady is quite but fun, she sits there and out of nowhere, she will say the most random things and crack up the whole table. Ashley is the most fun you can have in your life, walking around the halls with her is the best, the most vivid memory of Ashley and I is when we sat in a truck and talked about ringworm, “Who has ring worm anymore.” Ashley said to me, which will never leave my head for as long as I live. Whitney is so funny, I a story I wrote before this one I made her a hippy, and since then she has been the ‘hippy’ of the group. Matt, oh Matt there is so much to say, proud of his Mexican heritage we joke about everything, question on whether are jokes are appropriate is something that been debated for the longest time, but no matter how inappropriate they are, he still makes me laugh every time we talk.

            Leaving my friends was something I thought was going to be easy, but it was not. I walked home by myself the last day of school, because lakin moved off base and Kayla had cheerleading practice. I tried to be strong, but I couldn’t hold it in any longer I began to cry. I was happy that no one was there to see it, I have a reputation of being tough, but at that moment when I realized that I would never see my friends again I couldn’t hold it in and I cried, it was the worst feeling I have ever had in my life.

            The characters in my story are exactly how the real people are, I just embellished some of there situation. Lakins family being the only ones who know the way to Stephanie house, I wrote that like that because the only one I can really remember ever being at Stephanie’s house was Lakin. I wrote Kayla as might be getting in trouble with ere dad, because that was one of or biggest concerns, we always wonder if what we were doing was going to get her in trouble with her father. Lacy and Jessica are the best of friends, when I moved in to Arkansas they were tight and now they are as tight as ever. I wrote Lacy mom as an evil character when she is really the excite opposite, hearing some of the stories Lacy and Jessica told me about Lacy mom made me laugh so hard. I wrote Matt as his character because if someone was to jump to be defense it would be Matt, he is always there no matter how weird his solution is. Brandy’s character is one that is questionable at first but then you get to trust her, I wrote brandy as so because she always seemed so mysterious to me. Ashley was the easiest character to write because everything in there about her would be something she would actually do, why because it Ashley and she’s awesome. I wrote Whitney’s character completely out of the real Whitney character, she would never steal, Whitney is the sweets person alive, but I had to make her the way I did because if someone was to steal something like that I would except it to be me, lakin, and Whitney right behind us telling us that it’s not a good idea.

            My stories always star with a simple problem that has a simple answer, but I take that simple answer and through it out the window, and take the most complex answer that I can find to solve my simple problem. I think of a situation and blow it so out of proportion that if you don’t know me to well than you would never believe what you’re reading. That’s how the problems in our group start out, as simple problems, but then everyone gets involved and it gets a complex answer, then time goes on and it is blown way out of proportion. My friend’s problems have always inspired me to write. Since my first story in 8th grade, they always look to me fro entertainment, and I am always there to give it to them, that our cycle and I love it.

            When I found out, I was moving I was so happy, I was finally getting out of Arkansas. When I realized that getting out of Arkansas meant that I was leaving my friends behind my chest began to hurt. Sitting on the plan, I wanted to jump off and run back to the safety of my friends. The only thing that kept me on the plane was my family, knowing that they were always going to be there, and that they were there fro me now I started to relax. I would never leave my family, but I had fun writing out what would have appended if I did jump off the plane before it took off.

            So if your reading this enjoy yourself, I hope you love my characters just as much as I love the people they were based on. As your reading this remember that my friends are the type that would never another fall, they are always there. Also as much as I love my friends, I love my family, and if it wasn’t for them keeping me grounded, I might have just jumped off that plane.

            Thank you to everyone who let me use there name. Thank you to all of you that wouldn’t leave me alone until I wrote another story. Most of all thank you fro always being there for me, even when I was crazy.


Chapter 1.

“This one ran away.”

            I ran down the street as fast as my legs could carry me, I saw the house the door closed I was almost home free.  I got to the door and without even pausing to catch my breath I knocked hard, there was no answer. I kicked the door as hard as I could, hurting my foot in the process, I screamed to the girl who I hoped to all God was still in the houseknocked again this time screaming “Come on it’s me let me in, there coming, there almost here, let me in!” I could here footsteps coming towards the door, they were a relive.  My heart raced and felt as though it was flying out of my chest, the beating was so loud I could swear that the rest of the world could hear it.

“What’s the password?” came form a friendly voice form the other side of the door.

“Kayla there no time to play around just let me in.” I look over my shoulder and saw two dark figures behind me, “They’re here, come on, they’re here, let me in!” I lend on the door and could hear my heart go faster, it didn’t think it could go as fast as it was beating before, but I was wrong it felt as though I was about to die from the speed.

Just then the door swung open to reveal my friend dressed in all black, she looked at the dark figures in the background that were coming closer to us, she froze in her tracks the only thing she could say was,up. “Oh my God,” it came softly as she stared at the figures who seemed to close to imagine.

“No time for dramatics Kay-Jay we need to go now!” I grabbed her by the arm and ran as fast as I could down the halls of her house, pulling her behind me. We got to a room with large windows. Kayla still in a state of shock stood still in the door way. I pulled her in and shut the door behind us. I looked around for something to break the window; the room was almost empty besides a bed and a desk with a chair there was nothing to cover the uncarpeted floors.

“We aren’t going to make it.” Kayla said quietly lowering her head.

I slapped her across the face, “Snap out of it man. Don’t talk like that, we’ve done this once and we’ll do it again.”

“What the heck are you talking about we’ve never done this.” She began to panic.

“That’s not the point and you know it.” I broke the window with thea near by chair under the desk in the corner.

We jumped through the broken glass and ran though the grass of her backyard to her neighbor’s house across the way. At her neighbor’s house, we jumped into the old beat up station wagon that was conveniently sitting in the drive way with the keys inside, I pushed on the gas petal as hard as I could with my injured foot and we were off.

The only words that were spoken were from Kayla asking “What’s going to happen next?”

And me responding quietly, with no feeling “I don’t know, hopefully Lakin has a plane.”

We pulled up on the curb of Lakins house and walked up to her door with our heads hanging low. I knocked softly on the door, and within a few seconds Lakin answered. the door. She was shocked to see us, after what had happened a few weeks ago I knew she wasn’t expecting to see me for a while, but she was the only one left to turn to now.

“No, you guys can not be here; my mom already hates you over that whole fire thing.” She shook her head as if to say no, but I knew that it meant god what is happening, “If my mom sees you she will kill you, and me.”

“Hey that fire thing wasn’t my fault, and she knows it.” I pushed her out the the way and walked into the house.

“I thought you were leaving.” She said in a sad voice as she closed the door behind us.

“Yeah, change Change of planes, I’m not going anymore, I left the plane.”

“You mean you ran away.” She sad disappointedly.

“No I don’t run form anything. Okay yeah I ran away, but when you say it like that it sounds like band thing and this it totally a good thing.” I looked down at my dirty chucks that now had a hole in them from the run across the grass “At least it started out as a good thing, now I don’t know what it is.”

“Maybe you should just go.” Lakin said, I could tell she was upset with me.

“Where am I suppose to go, home, I don’t have a home anymore, it was packed up and sent off to a far away land, remember.” I sat down on the couch.

“Go with your family stupid, that’s what your suppose to do when you move, go with your family like everyone else, remember.” Lakin sat down across form me

“No I can’t, way too much hasahs already happened, if I give up now then what would have been the point of all the trouble I went through to get here.”

“What trouble you ran away form the plane before it took off!” Lakin yelled

“Yeah and got a huge gash in my leg from running into a seat.”

”So what do you want me to do?” Lakin asked, you could tell from her voice she was upset and didn’t want to ask that question.

“We were kind of hoping you had a plan.” Kayla asked

“Oh no remember last time I gave you guys a plan.”



“Okay now were lost nice job Lakinlakin” I yelled out

“Shut up you’re the one that said to go with the road.”

“Yeah but you never listen to me, that’s freaking rule number one.”

“Okay shut up I have a plan.” She looked around “Okay there some sticks we can make a smoke signal, with those and these matches” she took a book of matches out of her pocket

“What are we freaking Indians? And where did you get matches from?”

“Hey remember ‘no you don’t need your cell phone we’ll be fine’ and now look at us so it’s smoke signal or nothing, and I’m not choosing nothing.”

“Fine smoke signal it is.” I started to pick up sticks.



“And then the fire broke out of control and burned that barn down, we were lucky no ones was in it.” She continued.

“No you were lucky no one was in it, I was lucky I had you to blame.” I smiled.

“God see you always do this blame everyone else for everything. You always screw up and then blame it on me or who ever is next to you.”

“Okay fine what do you want me to say? I messed up, okay I messed up, and I’m sorry. I need your help Lakin, there coming for me, and they’re coming fast, so please help me, this is the last time I promise.” I looked down, “Don’t make me go please I can’t go it’ll destroy me. Please.”

She looked at me, her eyes filled with both hatred and sympathy; I knew that meant that she was going to help me. I stood up and smiled, she couldn’t help but smile back, I knew that she was in it till the end, besides what else was she going to do, this town is boring.

“Okay lets go, we are going to her house.” She looked at me in a scared way.

“No not her house.” Kayla said shocked at the suggestion.

“She’s the only one who can help us now, if they’re after her than she’s the only one who knows how to get ride of them.”

We ran out the door back into the station wagon. We where now headed to her house. It was forbidden to go to her house, it was like seeing The Wizard in The Wizard of Oz, you just didn’t do it unless you had a god reason, and were brave enough to get there, and that’s only if you knew the way.

The way to her house was passed down form generation to generation in Lakins family they were the keeper of the all knowing Her and the way to her was never told or of shown to anyone out side of the Adams family, until now.

When we got up to the house, I was shaking, I couldn’t believe it, I wasn’t afraid of anything, but this was freaking me out. All the stories that I had herd about her ran though my head, I could only think of the bad things never the good parts of the story, I guess that just what happened when your so afraid of one thing that you’d rather run through hot fire before facing them.  We knocked on the door, I looked at Kayla you could tell that she thought that this wasn’t a good idea, I had the same, but I trusted Lakins judgment, she was right about 97% of the time, but I was so afraid that I couldn’t figure out if this was going to fall into the 3% or not, so I just stood there and let her do what she was doing.

A woman answered the door; she was small and in a brown bath robe. “Yes what is it, what do you want?”

“We’ve come to see her.” Lakin said softly.

“What is the password?”.” The lady asked hiding behind the door.

Lakin leaned forward and whispered something into the old women’s ear. The women nodded her head, and opened the door all the way. The house was amazingly clean and smelledsmile like jasmine. I walked onto the carpet.

“Hey shoes off.” The old women said pointing down at my dirty chucks.

“Oh I apologize.” I bent over and took off my shoes and put them in the door way, I smiled at the old women who looked angry at me; everyone seemed to be giving me that look lately.

We headed up stairs without saying a word, I was going to say something but everyone seemed so serious that I didn’t want to ruin the solitude. We reached a door cover in white paper, Lakin opened the door slowly.

“Lakin, Kayla, Shyla wow it’s so good to see you guys.” A happy voice came flowing towards us.

“Hey Stephanie, it’s good to see you to.” Lakin walked over and gave Stephanie a hug. “We have a problem.”

“I know you do, this one ran away and now Flight Attendants are after her.” Stephanie sat down on here perfectly made bed and gave me a look as to say ‘what’s wrong with you’ then smiled, “You need a plan.”

“Yeah we were hopinghopeing you had one.” I walked up to her.

“I’m afraid I can’t help you, at least not with this one.” She picked up a book that was sitting on her end table.

“What the heck do you mean you can’t help us, your supposesoppose to be all knowing, how can you not help us.” Kayla asked

 She put the book face down on her lap, “Okay I can help you, but I don’t want to so I’m not going to.” She smiled.similed. “You need to figure this one out yourself, sorry.”

“I understand.” I said putting my head down.

“You do?” Kayla was in shock.

“Thanks anyways Steph.” I left the room.

She was right I needed to figure this one out on my own, and I knew that I just didn’t want to admit it.  I sat on the floor with my back against the wall and my head down. I was a screw up and I knew that and now I was forced to fix my own problem, something I never had to do, I always had someone to fix them for me. This was scary, admitting all this was starting to freak me out, “Am I becoming more of an adult.” I said quietly to my self. I think I am.

“You are.” Kayla said sitting next to me, “But that doesn’t mean I can’t come with you.”

I smiled the kind of smile when you finally figure out something great. When I stood up from being supported by the wall it was like I was finally standing up from being supported by other people, this was getting intense.

“You two ready to go?” Lakin stood in front of me smiling happily.

“Are you coming with us?” I asked as I helped Kayla up from the ground.

“Heck yes I wouldn’t miss this crap for the world.” We all laughed because we knew that it was true.

It seems as though since we meet that we were having adventures, I can still remember the one in eighth grade when one of us almost got caught in a closet of an evil teacher. We were a group that couldn’t be separated, and strangely, we all knew that none of us wanted to be separated form each other, why do you think I escaped form the plane.  We were just missing two components of the group, and there was no way that I was going on this adventure, which may prove to be our last, without them.

Chapter 2

“Maybe we should split up.”

It’s been a long time since we have seen Lacy and Jessica, something happened that I care not to mention and we were basically forbidden to see them which sucks because the group is just hasn’t been the same since.

“Okay so this is going to take more effort then we have put into anything in the whole world.” Lakin said

Since we barely put any effort into anything that we do, I knew she was right.

“So how are we going to do it?” I asked

“I don’t know.” Lakin said staring the car, “All I know is you better get ready to run like crazy.”

“I hate running.” I whispered under my breath

The drive top Jessica’s house was a short one, but it seemed like it took forever because of the uncomfortable silence that was in the car. Kayla laid across the back seat and I sat in front twiddling my thumbs as Lakin drove. I hated when we had that silence in the among us, the type where you want to say something but you don’t know if you should, and someone else wants to say something and when they try to say something, you talk at the same time so you get stuck In that ‘no you go first’ thing, (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, lucky you, because it’s a very awkward thing) All of a sudden I couldn’t take the silence any more so I turned on the radio, strangely it landed on  that Daniel Pawter’s song So You Had A Bad Day, we all looked at each and started to laugh.

“That’s so wrong.” I said still laughing

“To wrong.” Kayla said            

So we listen to the whole song, because what else could you do but listen to it, no matter what you want to say it’s a pretty catchy song.

We drove up to a large house at the end of a drive way that seemed to go on for a mile. We all stood on the black street afraid to put even a foot on paved drive way. I don’t know what was running through Lakin and Kayla head at that moment but I bet it was along the same lines as what was going through my head:

‘Oh my god oh my god oh my god, we shouldn’t do this, wait yes we should, no I was right the first time no we shouldn’t, stop being a woss and go, no wait wait think about this for a second, one seconds up now go, no wait this is crazy, you’ll be fine, no this is crazy you’ll die, no you’ll be fine, hey shut up, no you shut p, no you shut up you freak, your moms a freak, your dads a freak, I hate you, I hate you too, go go go go go go go, wait no don’t not yet go, go go GO!”

Then we all at the same time put one foot out in front and set on the drive way. I was feeling a little shaky and looking at Kayla I could tell she felt the same.

“You guys ready?” Lakin asked

“Nope.” I said confidently

“Let’s go!’ Lakin yelled, and we ran like the wind up the driveway to the house that held the last two components of or team.

Reaching the house we knew knocking on the door was out of the question, if we were seen at this hose we would be burned alive, so we ran around the back. At a window maybe three stories up there was a figure, I knew it had to be either lacy or Jessica, so I threw a rock at the window. I guess I don’t know my own strength because the window shattered into a million pieces, and to make maters even better it wasn’t lacy or Jessica it was lacy mom and she didn’t look happy.

“You three again!” She screamed out the window, “Wait right there I’m coming to get you.”

I stood there in my tracks

“Shyla what are you doing?” Lakin asked trying to run away.

“Sitting here, God she said to wait.”

“Yeah so she can kill us, come on stupid.” Lakin drug me around the house.

We ran around to the front, it must have been just as Lacys mom was running to the back, because the door was wide open and no one was inside. We walked through the house scream-whispering Jessica and Lacy’s names

“Maybe we should split up.” Kayla said realizing that we weren’t going to find them this way.

“No haven’t ever seen Scoopy Doo, you never split up the gang.” I said

We continued together up the stars to find our friends. Running up the stairs we herd a voice, so of course we ran to it, but reaching the top of the stairs we saw something that amazed us all. Doors everywhere but what did they lead to? I was more confused then a midget at the far grounds.

“Which door?” Kayla asked

“I don’t know, I guess check all of them.”

So we got busy, opening and shutting doors as fast as we could, hoping to see at least one of our friends. Finally after what seemed like 100 doors had been opened, there was one last door.

“The have to be in here” I said breathing heavily

“If not than that’s some crap.” Lakin said trying to catch her breath

I grabbed the handle cold and most in my hands I turned it, the door swung open to let us see something so shocking so amazing that I couldn’t move of a few seconds.

“UNO!” Jessica yelled standing up and jumping around the room

“No you cheated.” Lacy yelled back

“You’re just jealous” Jessica said happily

“Jessica Lacy!” I yelled running into the room.

“Oh My God I thought you were gone.” Lacy said standing up and throwing her cards down.

“It’s a long story.” I said softly

“No it’s not, I got you. She left the plan, came to my house, we went to Lakins house, then to see her then here, now your mom is chasing us. Oh and Flight Attendants are chasing us too. So we came to get you two.” Kayla said in all of 5 seconds.

            “Wow okay I guess it wasn’t as long of a story as I thought. Well get up lets go.” I said

            Jessica looked at me in a confused way “Go where, we can’t get out of here without her mom seeing us.”

            “Yeah we can if we go out the window.” Lakin said walking over to the open window.

            “No ones going out the window!” Lacy’s mom stood in the door way.

            “Oh crap.” I said softly, “Run!”

            All at once we pushed passed the women standing in our way (not hurting her of course) and ran down the hall.

            “You’ll never get passed me!” Lacy’s mom got up and jumped clear across the hallway and landed on Lakin.

            “No Lakin!” I yelled but before I could grab here I was pulled away by Jessica and Kayla.

            We went down the stairs and out the house to the woods in front of thee house. I sat on a rotting stump. “She’s still in there.” I cried

            “Forget Lakin she’s gone.” Lacy said.

            “No I will not just forget Lakin, your mom has her and for all I know she could be dead, but I won’t rest until I find out.” I stood up

            “And what if she is dead?” Lacy asked

            “Then I’ll tell her parents, but we can’t think negatively, if we do she’ll die.” I marched forward and turned around to see my friends with a defeated look on their faces, “We mustn’t give up, if we do then it’ll be the end of all kids who get captured my crazy moms who locked kids in rooms to play uno for the rest of their lives. I for one will not be the cause for that.”

            “Me either!” Jessica moved beside me, “Let’s save Lakin, even if that means loosing everyone’s lives but mine.”

            “That’s the sprit, kind of.”  I looked at Lacy and Kayla “Are you in?”

            “I guess.” Kayla said sadly.

            “Okay but you guys don’t know my mom.” Lacy said turning around.

            “Yeah but you do.” I put my hand on her shoulder, “And you’re going to help us.”

            “Fine but we have to do this my way or we all die.”

            We all got in a line and began towards Lacy’s. We have only saved one person before, and that mission didn’t turn out the way we planed it, but we weren’t going to leave Lakin to die, even though that has always been the plane (if one of us was to be captured by an evil mom than we would just let the other one die. Why we have such a packed is beyond me, because I don’t want to die, I haven’t even tasted lobster yet. It was Lakin’s idea; I just went along with it because she had a crazed look in her eye.) I couldn’t just let her die, I wanted to but for some reason I was telling myself NO go safe her.

            We got to the door and all our breathing was heavy, we were all afraid but none of us would say it. Lacy tried to door, but it was locked, this wasn’t a good sign.

            “So now what do we do?” I asked

            “The only thing we can do, break it down.” Lacy said smiling; she’s been wanting to break a door down since she saw David Hassleholf do it on Night Rider.

            “Okay let’s do it.” I said happily.

            We moved back, and got ready. This was going to hurt but it was worth it. We ran towards the door at full speed. The door blew down with no problem.

            “Who’s at my door!” a loud voice came from in the house somewhere.

            “Let’s go women, give us our friend back!” I yelled

            “Come and get her!” the voice yelled

            “Coming!” Jessica said happily






Chapter 3:

“What are who going to do?”

We walked slowly and quietly up the stairs to a small room here we hoped Lakin was kept. I stared at the red mahogany door and remembered all the good times Lakin and I had, but then I started to remember the bad times and now I regretted doing this. But NO! She is my friend and I’m not going to let her sit in this room and rot like a horrible worm infested apple.

            “Bust it down.” I said softly

            “No she’ll hear that, we have to be quite.” Lacy said looking around. She grabbed a hairpin lying on the ground, “Here who can pick a lock?”

            “I can.” I said grabbing the hairpin from her hand. I shoved the hairpin in the lock and wiggled it around a bit. I turned around slowly holding the pin up for all eye to see, “It broke.” I said hanging my head in shame, “I had seen it down so many times in the movies, it looked so easy, but it’s not.”

            “Ah now what are we going to do?” Jessica through her arms up.

            “What are who going to do?” Brandy walked up behind us.

            “Brandy what the heck, what are you doing here?” I asked starring at the girl who was supposed to be at her own house.

            “Cheese.” She said simply holding up a slice of cheese, “Lacy’s mom gives it away and who Brandy to pass that up.”

            “You’re here for cheese.” I said turning around to see my friends starring at me.

            “Yeah, that’s what Brandy said. Hey if you herd free cheese you would come running just like Brandy.” She shoved the rest of the slice she was eating into her mouth, and pulled anther one out of pocket and smiled happily.

            “Wow you know you never cease to amaze me.” I said putting my hands on my shoulder.

            “Who are you talking to Shyla?” Kayla asked

            “Brandy.” I said pointing at the girl eating cheese. By the looks that my friends were giving me I knew that I was the only one who could she this cheese eating Brandy. “No one I’m talking to myself.”

            “Well stop and think of a way to open that door.” Kayla said

            “Try the door handle.” Brandy said with her mouth full.

            “Brandy the door handle is not going to work this is not a cartoon.” I said twisting the handle. Well it worked, and Brandy laughed at me, this time I was happy I was the only one who could see her.

            We looked inside to see Lakin sitting on the floor playing uno with her brother.

            “Lakin!” I yelled running to the girl who looked half drained. “Oh my God are you okay.”

            “Oh God I hate Uno, please get me out of here.” She said looking at all of us.

            We dragged Lakin out of the room and set her against the door. I turned to go back into the room.

            “What are you doing?” lakin asked out of breath

            “Getting Sam.” I said

            “Leave him he’s to far gone to be saved.” She said with a distant look in her eye

            All we herd form the room was heavy breathing and the sound of a now empty shell saying softly through a drooling mouth “Uno Uno Uno Uno Uno.”

            I closed the door before I could here the horrible sounds again I knew she was right he was gone, and no one could save him. We all starred at Lakin hoping that she would be okay. She starred at us and smiled, she was going to be fine.

            “Lets’ go guys we have to get out of here before she sees us.” Lakin said standing up, “If she sees us then we will never get you home.”

            “I know lets go.” I helped Lakin gain her balance, and we began to walk quietly down the hall

            “So where do we go.”  I turned and looked at Lacy

            “Why are you asking me?” Lacy said

            “Because it’s your house, so where do we go.” Kayla said.

            “This way, I know where to go.” Jessica moved to the front of the group

            It seemed as though we where walking in circles, and I would have been okay with it if I didn’t have invisible cheese eating Brandy talking to me the whole time. Every turn she would say, this is the wrong way, wrong turn, your going in circles. And to top it all off she kept talking about herself in third person, and it was really annoying.

            “You’re going the wrong way.” Brandy said smiling

            “Yeah well which way are we suppose to go since you obviously know the way.” I said staring at Brandy, knowing that to everyone else I was staring at the wall.

            “You’ll let Brandy lead the way?” she said smiling, seeing me nod my head she ran to the front of the pack, “Follow Brandy.” She said skipping down the hall.

            “Come on, follow me.” I said running after Brandy

            It took all I could to keep up with the happily skipping Brandy, but I soon realized that she was leading us up the house instead of down, this was a trap. How could invisible cheese eating Brandy lead us to a trap, I thought she was cool.

            We ran into Lacy mom sitting in a big gold chair. “Thank you invisible cheese eating Brandy.” She said not taking her eyes off of us.

            “Shyla how could you lead us right to Lacys mom?’ Kayla cried

            “It wasn’t me I was following the invisible cheese eating Brandy.” I defended myself with the one thing that could prove to everyone that I was actually crazy.

            “That’s what you said last time.” Jessica said starring into the eyes of Lacys mom

            “Fine you don’t have to believe me.” I said sitting down on the cold floor

            “Take this.” Kayla through a pen at Lacy’s mom

            “Ow.” Lacy’s mom looked at the pen on the floor. “That hurt, I mean not hat much and it didn’t leave a mark or anything, but it was irritating, good try.” She stood up showing us her full height.

 For once in my life I was scared out of my mind, but confident at the same time. I knew what I had to do, I didn’t want to do it, but I knew that it had to happen. I stood up and put my hand out behind my back and within a second what I needed was inside my hand, Jessica put it there she knew what I had to do. I prepared myself thinking of all the fun times I’ve had over my years, but again all the bad stuff took over and I was ready.

I held my hand up like I was going to through something at the Women towering over me, “I challenge you to Uno.”

Everyone gasped, it was a shock that I was challenging her, but it was time for me to step up and face my demons.

A table appeared out of no where with two chairs across form each other, this was the set up. I sat in the chair, I could feel the cold even through my jeans, it was more a chilling sensation that ran up my spine then it was a cold feeling, I figured it was to through me off my game, but what she didn’t know was that I was the uno champion of the world back in 1998 so she was is for a real challenge.

I dealt out the cards and looked at my hand, it wasn’t the best hand in the world, but I would make it work, I had to, so many lives depended on it, including mine. She set the color, green; I had no green cards, so I drew one from the large pile that separated us, blue. I took another card in my hand, green, thank God. She changed the color from green to blue, luckily I had a blue card, and so I set it down happily, not knowing that I was falling into another trap. She used my blue six to change the color back to green. She smiled this erry smile that might make another kid run, but not me, not now. I drew another card, it was a wild card, but I can see from the look in her eyes that she has more tricks up her sleeve, so I kept my wild so that I could deal with what ever she had next. Lucky for me the next card I draw was a green and even better luck it was a reverse.

“Reverse.” I said “My turn again, Red reverse, my turn again, draw 2 to finish my turn.”

Everyone behind me cheered, but I wish they didn’t, this game is far from over, for all I know she’s holding a hand of all wilds and she can win right now. She draws her two cards with a smirk on her face that could mean she has something good, or something bad, only time could tell that. To my shock she sets down a nine making it my turn once again.  

I set down a three, but I soon realized that was a mistake, the smile she gave made me sit back in my chair, she had something up her sleeve. She set down a reverse, then another reverse, then a wild and said the words I regretted. “Green.” She said it with such ease and happiness. She knew that I knew that I couldn’t defend against that, I had no greens. Then it was my turn once again, I had no greens but I did have a wild a blue reverse, a blue five and a red six.  If I set this down then I just needed her to change the color to red and I would when our safe passage. “Wild, blue.” I said softly but still confident.

She put down a blue four and smiled at me.

“Reverse, my turn again. Five, Uno.” I dared not look into her eyes.

She set down a blue card I couldn’t tell you what number it was I was too focused on my hand taking another card form the deck. It was red, no green, no blue, no yellow, oh sweet God it was another wild, what luck.

“Wild.” I said loudly, “Red.”

She looked upset, and defeated, because she knew that she was defeated. She put down a red card with a sad look on her face.

I put down that nine, I had never felt as happy as I did at that moment, and I got up from the chair and looked her straight in the eyes, “Uno out.” I said smoothly, and then turned to jump around like a five year old with my friends.

“No how could you beat me?” she screamed, “This is not possible.”

“Obviously it is.” Kayla said with an attitude.

“No you will not leave, I will not allow it!” she said waving her arms to close the door that was our only way out.

“Hey you can’t do that, I beat you.” I said standing in front the giant of a woman

“I can do anything I want.” She smiled.

“Do something Shyla.” Jessica yelled at me

“I…I don’t know what to do.” I bowed my head, I was defeated.

“Oh I know what to do.” Lacy step in front of me. She smiled at her mom who didn’t look worried, “Damp.” She said softly

Just as the words flowed into her ears, Lacy’s mom fell to the ground and let out a high pitch scream I was sure the rest of the world could here. She grabbed her ears and shook her head, I didn’t know what was going on but I knew that this was our chance to get out of here.

We ran out the room down the twisting hallways till finally we found the stairs that would lead us to freedom. We ran down the stairs and the house began to shake.

“It’s falling apart!” Jessica yelled.

We ran as fast as our legs could carry us down the breaking stairs and out the door that now lay on the floor. We got to the woods and watch the house fall down.

“It’s a little beautiful if you really think about what we went through.” I said smiling

“What about your mom and Sam.” Kayla asked

“My mom is fine nothing hurts that woman.” Lacy said happily

“And Sam is like a cockroach, you can’t get ride of him, he just keeps coming back.” Lakin said

“Okay what the heck was up with the word ‘damp’, making your mom go crazy?” Kayla asked

Lacy laughed and slapped her knee, “Mom hates the word ‘damp’, she says it’s dirty, and its makes her feel dirty.”

We all laugh and say the word ‘damp’ to each other and pretend to fall to the ground.

“Brandy hates to break up your fun guys, but remember the Flight Attendants are still after you.” Brandy stood in front of me unharmed even though she was just in an explosion.

“Your right we have to go.” I said looking at my friends

“Where did Brandy come form?” Kayla asked

“You can see her now?” I looked at everyone who was staring at Brandy “I told you she was in there, only she was invisible and she was eating cheese.”

“Yeah no time for details they get closer every second you waste talking about Brandy and cheese.

“Your right lets go guys.” I said

We were off, me and my best friends walked side by side down the street. Even though Lacy’s house had just exploded, Lakin was captured, Jessica and Lacy had to play uno for the last year, I left a plane and got a gash in my leg and don’t know where my parent are, and Kayla is now officially in trouble for being out at 2:00 at night, we laughed our way down the street, still joking about the word ‘damp’ making Lacy’s mom go crazy. This was how it was suppose to be, just us laughing about stupid thing. This is why I got off hat plane, but I needed to get back to my family.   

Chapter 4:

“You’re not leaving without a fight.”

We headed down the street singing stupid songs and saying stupid things. For the time being we were all happy, and didn’t think about anything bad. But that time was soon going to be ruined. I knew what was coming, it sucked that I had to admit it but I knew that I was soon going to have to leave my friends. Leaving was something that I had always thought about but I never thought it would hurt so much. I just wanted to get out of Arkansas I never thought about the fact that I was in fact leaving my best friends at the same time. God if someone would have told me what moving truly meant that I would have never wished so bad to have it.

“So what are we suppose to do now?” Jessica asked realizing that this fun had to end.

“I don’t know.” I said sadly “I need to go with my family, I know that but I don’t want to leave you guys.” I stopped and looked at all my friends faces, so many thoughts ran through my head, but none of them could work. “I need to go with my family.” I said again, “And that’s finale.”

They all understood what I was saying, if they were in my shoes they would do the same thing, plus I was always going to have them, that’s what the internet is for.

“But how do we get you all the way to Japan?” Lacy asked, “And how do we do it with out the Flight Attendants getting to you?”

I sat on the cold pavement, “I don’t know.”

“I’m afraid that we don’t have time to think about that.” Lakin said pointing in back of me.

There they were tall, in all blue, and heals. The Flight Attendants stood all in a row, smiling happily. I stood up and brushed the dirt of my ripped jeans. I stared down at the row of women in wired hats; I knew what I had to do. “It’s me they want.” I said softly, “So it’s me they’ll get.” I walked down the pavement, but before I could take a second step a and grabbed my arm.

“You’re not leaving without a fight.” Jessica said.

I smiled at my friends who al looked ready to fight, “Hex yes!” I yelled. They were ready to risk everything to keep me away form the Flight Attendants, these are my friends, and they will never let you fall. I turned around to see the ladies coming closer to us.

“You’ll never escape us.” The one in the middle said, swooping her hair back into the bun shape that all flight attendants have.

“Probably not, but we will run so far and for so long that you’ll eventually just give up.” I said with a laugh, “So really what you need to be thinking is how long do you want to be chasing me.”

“Forever.” One on the far right said in a high monotone voice.

“Forever, yeah we can do that.” I laughed

We turned and ran fast down the road. I knew that we weren’t really going to run forever, that’s way to much work, and if we can get things done will little to no effort than that’s what we would do. I had a plan, but we needed to get out of the Flight Attendants range of view before I could tell them what I was thinking up. We ran in to the woods near us. It was dark and hard to see but some how we all stayed together.

We ended up smacking into the side of a house. It really hurt, but it’s not really our fault, who builds a house in the middle of the woods, a wooden house at that, something like that is just not safe.  

“In here.” I said rubbing my head, where it had collided with the wall.

We ran into the house, inside was even creepier than the fact that the house was there in the first place. Inside was all metal, cold and bare, a bed made of metal, next to it sat a desk with a chair both made of metal, and a table with four chairs all made of metal. The house was blinding, I couldn’t figure out how someone could live in such a place, but I guess what ever floats their boat.

“Okay.” Lacy said looking around, she obviously thought the same thing I did, and by the looks on everyone’s face they all thought the same thing.

“I have a plane you guys.” I said slowly still in shock by this wooden house with a metal inside. I sat down in the chair at the desk, “Oh sweet God, It’s hot.”

Kayla put her hand on the metal bed, “Ow it is hot.”

I looked at my friend who obviously didn’t believe me when I said the metal was hot, “I just told you that, why would you touch it if I told you that it’s hot. You know I don’t understand you sometimes.”

“If I get to the air Japan before my family gets there, and before the Flight Attendants get me then I’ll be home free right?” I said walking around the room careful not to touch anything, “So I need to fly there, so why don’t I just ask Ashley.”

It was about a year ago when Ashley decided that she wanted to fly a plane. The people at Delta airlines were excited by her enthusiasm, and said that they would love to teach her. Well she went though a year long course on how to fly a plane, and she passed the course, but then came the bad new. They said the because of her age that they would never let her actually fly a plane, but she could sit with the pilot as he flew the plane. That’s wasn’t enough for Ashley, she needed the adrenaline rush of flying a plan, and figured that flying one without a legal license was even more of a rush. “What is legal anyways?” That’s what she would always say to me. So she went to the one person who could get her a plan, Whitney. When Whitney herd that Ashley wanted her to get a plan she was excited, she hadn’t got anything that big in a long time. Well I don’t know the details on how Whitney acquired an F-15, but in about 10 days there was one behind Ashley’s house. No need to say that Ashley has been giving $25 rides for the past six months. I know she’s been waiting for an excuse to fly across the ocean and now she was going to get one.

“Would she take you?” Kayla asked

“Hex yeah, do you no how long Ashley’s been waiting to fly over seas?” I said happily

“No.” Jessica said happily.

“Well she’s been waiting forever.” I said “All we need to do is track her down. “It shouldn’t be that hard, I mean where could Ashley be?”

The truth was that I had no idea where Ashley was, and tracking her down was going to be one of the most difficult things that we have ever done, but this was the only way.

“So there we go, let’s go get Ashley.” Lacy though her arms up and landed them on the desk sitting by here “Ow God and get out of this creepy house, please.”

“Yeah I’m starting to feel wired in here.” Lakin said.

So that was it we needed to get to Ashley, and everything would be okay, who knew that it was going to be that easy. 

Chapter 5

“Oh sick.”

We walked out the building, still smiling and laughing, but that soon ended. The Flight Attendants stood in front of us, all in a row, with this serious look on their faces. Was this the end? No it wasn’t, it couldn’t be,  wasn’t going to go out like this. I knew how I was going to die, and being taken out by some freaky Flight Attendants was not the way.

“How do you guys keep finding me?” I through my arms up, “God you guys are like blood hounds or something.”

“No only part.” The one on the far right said to tilting her head a bit. A smile came on her face as she walked closer to me her heels slightly sticking in the mud, but she still kept her balance, “So are you ready to give up?”

I looked into her eye, cold and dark, her stair sent chills up and down my spine, I knew then that she was pure evil. How could someone who brought you hot tea and packaged nuts, be so evil.

“Are you ready to stop chasing me?” I said with an attitude 

“Look kid, no one escapes our plane, you get on in one place and you get off in another, that’s just how it works, so stop being difficult and come with us.” She stuck her hand out

“No.” I said firmly turning my back to walk away from her

I felt a hand on my shoulder and it occurred to me that it was either the cold calmly hands of death, or that Flight Attendant, either way it was horrible, but I’d much rather it be death than that women.

“Do not turn your back on me.” she demanded.  “Let’s go now!”

I turned around and brushed off her hand that was now digging into my shoulder, her hand fell swiftly to her hip taking a piece of my shirt with her. “I said NO.” I moved back, “You can’t make me do anything.” I smiled at the now clearly irritated Flight Attendant.

She turned her head to the side a bit, but before I got a chance to even say a word her face went form and average looking women to a beast. I knew what was going on, the Flight Attendants were finally showing the world who they really were.

“Oh sick.” I said under my breath

Through pointed teeth and drool the Flight Attendant (now turned beast) said in a deep voice, “Your coming with us whether you like it or not.”

I was hesitant to say anything, they were so much more powerful then I was, but I knew I couldn’t give up without a fight. I reached my hand into my jeans, there was something in my pocket, it was pointy and had rough edges, but what was it. I stared to think about everything that I could have put into my pocket, when it finally occurred to me, my mom.


***Flash back***

“Here is they key that I found when was your age, it helped me through so much and now I’m giving it to you.” My mom smiles and hands me a well polished silver key.

“But what am I suppose to do with it?” I asked staring at the small metal object in my hands

“When the time comes you’ll knew what to do with it.” She walked away leaving me to wonder what the heck she was talking about.

I hate when people leave me with mysterious answers, it’s like when I asked what Lakin had in her hand that one day and all she said was, “It could be anything.” What kind of crap is that?


I now know what my mom intended for me to do with this key, I took it out of my pocket and held it up for all eyes to see. It was still shiny and gleemed in the moon light.

“What are you going to do with that?” the beast asked me with a slight attitude in her voice

“Well I don’t really know, but what a do know is that it’s going to beat you.” I said pointing the key at the beast.

“Ha.” She looked and me through red eyes, “Ha Ha Ha Ha, you can’t beat me with one stupid key.”

 All the flight attendants started to laugh at me.

“Shut up!” I said throwing the key at the women.

Suddenly a flash of light came illuminating the whole forest, and then the most amazing thing happened. An explosion set the women flying backwards, hitting trees and snapping branches on her way down. I couldn’t hear anything it was light a supersonic blast, the only thing I could hear was this slight ringing, then nothing, complete silence, it was a bit peaceful.

“Holly crap it’s a bomb, my mom gave me a bomb, that’s freaking awesome.” I and looked over at my friends who lay on the ground, they didn’t move, and it occurred to me, that the explosion had hit them as well.

I couldn’t breath, they were hurt by the explosion to, how I could have let this happen. I fell to the ground and felt the mud surround my fingers as I pressed my hands as hard as I could to the ground. My chest hurt so bad, it was as if someone had just punched me in it, my tongue swelled up in my mouth and tears rolled down my face. I killed them, my best friends, who have down so much for me, I killed them.  I laid on the ground, I couldn’t move, if I did I knew it would just ma the pain worse. I couldn’t close my eye, I laid there staring at what I had just done.

It was about an hour before someone came and saw the damage I had down. A man with shaggy black hair picked me up and put me inside a car.

“What happened?” a guy stood in front of me with a small smile on his face

“It was me.” I said softly, “I throw the key, I blew up my friends.” My eyes closed, leaving me in black.


“Everything is going to be okay.” My mom stood in front of me smiling

I was in my old room with boxes all around me, my walls were bare, all my posters sat in a box in front of me. Tap was in my hands, no doubt it was to tape the boxes up, but the box was wet. I looked up to see if there was a leak in my ceiling, but the water was coming form me, I was crying.

“don’t cry, everything is going to be okay I promise.” My mom came and put her arms around me.

Suddenly I felt okay, like everything was going to be okay, but there was something in side me saying that everything wasn’t going to be fine.

My mom left he room, with a reassuring smile. I stood by myself in a blank room full of past memories, that would soon be erased to make room for new ones. He tears won’t stop rolling down my face, covering my posters. I wiped my face with my sleeve and tried to think of happy things to stop the tears from coming, but nothing worked. What was I going to do it felt like my life was over, even though I knew it wasn’t. I sat down on the cold floor no longer carpeted and leaned against the boxes that had my life in it. I stared at my room now packed away in lightly colored boxes. The rest of my family seemed to be taking this well, and I was too until I realized what moving truly meant. My hands went numb, this was it I was moving and there was nothing that I could do about it. A thought popped into my head, I would always have my family, and the tears stopped.

My brother walked into the room, standing as tall as ever, “you ready to go, Shy?” he gave me a small smile.

I looked around at all the boxes one last time, and then back to my brother, “Yeah I’m ready.” I smiled back at him. I stuck my hand out and he pulled me up form the ground.

He put his arms around my shoulders, “Everything is going to be okay.” He said softly, he was right.

We walked out of my room together, into the living room where the rest of my family stood waiting for us. They all smiled, and I knew than that everything was truly going to be okay.




Chapter 6

“Nothing, it was Nothing.”

I woke up, not in a hospital bed where I expected to be, but in a police station, sited in a chair with my arms folded around my face to keep the bright light out that hung above me. I didn’t know what was going on, I half expected a man in a pin striped tie and brown pants to come and start beating me for answer, and I also expected my mom to come out and hug me and tell me that everything was going to be okay, that she was hear now and she was taking me home.

I didn’t know which one I wanted more, my mom, lying to me, because no matter how many times she said it, it was never going to be okay, what I had just done, was something that could never be fixed. Or did I want to guy beating me for answers I didn’t have. I didn’t know why that key blew up and killed everyone but me, it just did. . My head started to hurt, and the tears started to build up again. But right before a tear could fall down my face someone opened the door.

“Matt what are you doing here?” I looked at the boy dressed in a black suite and shiny shoes.

“I’m your attorney.” He aid fixing his black tie. He sat in the chair across from me and took out a yellow folder. “What happened?”

I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that he was my attorney. There was no way I could answer that question I didn’t know myself what exactly happened. So I said the only ting that I could get out. “When did you pass the bar?”

“Yesterday.” He said proudly, “Now what happened?”

“I, don’t know they key just exploded, it was scary.” I looked at the multi colored table that I sat at.

“Okay what key.” He said looking into his folder.”

“The key my mom gave me, it was a bomb, and it blew up everyone.” I looked at the boy who seemed more confused then I was.

“Okay what are you talking about?”

I stared at the boy who seemed puzzled at my confession, “What are you talking about?” I asked

“The flight you got off.” He said looking at me as though I had something completely strange on my face

“Yeah I know, then they key.” I said

“Shyla you’ve been here that whole time, there was no key.” He set the folder down and put his hand on mine.

“No there was a key, and it blew up Lacy, Kayla, Lakin, and Jessica.” I got up form the chair, “And the Flight Attendants, they got blown up too.”

“No one was blown up.” He said sanding and walking across the table

I looked around the room began to spin; I put my back against the door, the handle stuck into my back. “No there was a key, and an explosion, I killed them, I know I saw them, the Flight Attendants, I know I saw, believe me.” I sunk down to the floor and grabbed my knees, “I saw it.” I began to shake

“It’s okay, I’m here to help. You must have just dreamt up that whole thing.” He crouched down and sat in front of me, “Everything is going to be okay.”

“Shut up you doesn’t get to say that, you don’t know that!” I stood up pushing the boy out of my way, “I’m not crazy, you’re crazy. Where are my parents?”

“Your parents are in Japan.” He moved a little closer to me, “And that’s where you need to be, so come with me.”

“No you’re a liar, your working with them.” I moved back “Get away from me where are my parents I want them here now.”

I feel backwards, tripping over the chair in back of me, I smacked my head against the hard marble floor.

            I sat in a plane chair, strapped in tight. I looked at my father who was sited next to me reading a book. He smiled at me. I looked away from him to the seat in front of me. I palms began to sweat, and my heart started to beat out of my chest.

            “I can’t do this.” I said softly. I got up and ran down the aisle as fast as I could. I went down the long path that connected the plane to the airport. When I got to the ground, I lend forward and fell to the ground. Oh, god what have I just down? I laid flat on my back, breathing heavily.

            People began to hover over me. A man with black hair looked at me in a strange way, “She’s dead.” He said in a high pitched voice.

            “She’s not dead.” A woman said standing next to the man.

            “No she’s dead.” The man said leaning towards me, “Look she’s dead, trust me I know.”

            “How do you know?” Another man said staring at me right in the eyes.

            “I just know, I’m a doctor.” The man said proudly

            The women looked at the man, “Printing a certificate off the internet doesn’t make you a doctor.”

            “Yes it does, your just jealous.” The man looked at the women with and evil smile on his face.

            “Look.” Another woman smacked me ion the face, “she’s fine, she just hit her head.”

            My friends stood above me smiling. I got up and felt the back of my head, God it hurt like something else. I looked around then to the ground where a rock laid sticking out of the mud.

            “What the heck was that?” I rubbed my head.

            “You fell.” Jessica said, “And hit your head on that rock, you where knocked out, but I smacked you, so your fine now.” Se smiled proudly

            I smacked her in the arm with the back of my hand, “That hurt, you jerk.”

            “Hey I was waking you up.” She hit me back in the arm

            “Still.” I said still rubbing the back of my head, “So what’s going on?”

            Kayla jumped forward, “Nothing we are going to see Ashley remember.”

            “What about the Flight Attendants and the key.” I said looking around to see an undamaged forest.

            “What key.” Kayla answered

            I reached my hand into my pocket, the key was still there, and I smiled, then realizing that it was a bomb I took my hand off it. “Nothing, never mind, lets go.”

            We walked out side the woods to a paved street, none of us knew which way to go, so all at once we turned left and started walking.

            “So what did you dream when you got knocked out?” Lakin walked up beside me

            “Nothing, it was nothing.” I smiled, and she smiled back, that was all that needed to be said.





Chapter 7

“Man our group is freaking hard core.”


It was not until after about an hour of walking did we realize that we were going in the wrong direction. Figures though, I have a horrible since of direction, I always try to act like its great but the truth is it is horrible.

            Lacy through her hands up in the air, “We were walking in the wrong direction, you know this sucks.”

            “Yeah.” I said agreeing with my friend, “But it’s the only plan we have, if this doesn’t work I’ll never see my family again.”

            “And that sucks way worse.” Lakin said turning around to walk backwards, “But what is worse about the situation is I need to get home before my mom does.”

            We all just smiled and laughed a little. It was clear whatever trouble we were going to get in if we did not get home was going to happen. I knew there was no way either of us was getting home before midnight, but none of us cared. This was it, our last adventure, after this, it is possible that I will never see my friends again.

            A tear rolled down my cheek, “Oh god.” I said softly

            No one notice my soft moment, and I was happy for that. But silence still plagued the streets we walked on. Not even a small word was spoken from my friends, and that worries me.

            “What are you guys thinking about?” I asked hoping to break the silence that was slowly turning into distance between the best of friends

            “Nothing really.” Kayla said, “It’s just after you fly off with Ashley we will never see you again.” She turned and looked at me, “Never, that’s a freaking long time.”

            I had nothing to say to that, no one did, the silence fell once again, and it slowly turned into distance that separated each of us by at least two feet, me trailing behind. I hung my head trying not to stare into the backs friends you seemed to far away for me to reach. I stuck my hand out; if I could just reach one of them everything would be fine, but my hand felt nothing but the cold air that lay between Jessica and me.  We walked it seemed to be the only thing that we could do.

            Just when I thought that we would never make it to Ashley’s house, I saw the huge F-15 sitting behind a small house.

            “There it is, there it is!” Someone screamed happily, seeing the same incredible site that I was seeing.

            We all jumped around screaming laughing. We were finally here my destination, I was finally going home. And than when it hit, me, I was truly leaving. The thought stuck with me for about two seconds, I did not have time to think about my self. They were here.

            “So you finally made it to your little friend’s house.” A snotty voice came, one that sounded so familiar. It was here again the beast of a Flight attendant. She stared at me through red eyes, a half smile formed on her face, “You can’t escape us.”

            “God dang it, you guys just don’t know when to give up.” I sat down in the driveway, “you know this is seriously getting annoying.”

            “I don’t care.” Her voice began to change to a deep growl nothing near what a human would sound like. “Your coming with us you little brat.”

            “What did you just call me.” I stood up slowly and looked the beast in the eye.

            It stood up straight still with that half smile on its face, “What does that word bother you, ‘brat’ huh? What are you going to do about it?” she looked behind her to give a little scoff to her friends, “Don’t be afraid my friends this brat can’t do anything.”

            “Listen lady, you don’t know me. I may be small but I’m wiry.” My eye twitched a bit, and anger surged through me. I have never been this angry before, this woman was seriously asking for it. But I do not hit anyone unless they hit me first.

            As if it was reading my mind, a huge paw came across my face. Suddenly everything went in slow motion. I jumped up from the tar on the ground and gave it a roundhouse kick to the face.

            It wiped its face and cracked its neck, “That all you got?”

            I smiled she had no idea what she just got herself into, “No.” I said simply, and then smiled softly, thinking back to the karate training that I received, when I won the contest on the back of my morning Fruit Loops. I gave the beast at least twenty punches to the stomach, then I quickly moved to the head, where I delivered a upper cut (very nicely executed if you ask me) I didn’t waste time, I soon gave as many kicks as my legs could handle to the arms and legs of this great beast. I was out of breath, standing over the overly large thing that now laid flat in front of me. I looked at the other flight Attendants still standing in there costumes resembling a human. “Anybody else want some of this.” I put my fist up.

            They all took a step forward that is too many I was too tired to fight all these people. But I realized that I did not have to, my friends jumped form behind me and took care of a Flight Attendant in their own special way. Lakin poking one in the eye then kicking them why she cried. Jessica getting a bat out of nowhere taking down the woman in front of her with just two swings. Lacy did not hesitate to use the ti-chi training she received last year, knocking out the women with a swift kick to the head. I honestly don’t know what Kayla did, something extremely effective, it was told to me long ago that Kayla knows getto-foo so I assume that she used that to defeat her appoint.

            “Man that was so freaking awesome.” I said running to my friends after they were finished, “Man our group is freaking hard core.”

            We all gave these 80’s high-fives it would have been a complete candid moment if we would have froze in the air, but no gravity brought us back down to earth. We all stared happily at our win then headed up the long driveway to Ashley’s house.

            Standing on the porch was almost a crying moment I was two seconds, a knock, and an angry Ashley away from being home with my parents and my siblings. I lifted my arm to knock on the door that held my future behind it. Three hard knocks, and about ten seconds later Ashley came out dresses in Sponge-bob pajamas rubbing her eyes.

            “What the heck, why are ya‘ll here?” she asked in awe of the five of us standing on her porch at 11:30 at night.

            “I needed you to take me to Japan, right now.” I said putting my hand on the shoulder of the tired confused Ashley, “Please Ash you’re my only hope of reuniting with my family.”

            “What is this Star Wars, its 11:30 at night, you have got to be kidding me.” She turned around and tried to close the door.

            I put my hand in the way of the closing door, “Please Ash I need to get to my family.”

            She looked at me, and how said I was, she could see the whole battle that we had just gone through in my eyes, she put her head down, “Fine but we have to go now before my mom wakes up.”

            I wanted to cheer so badly, but I kept quite this was not exactly a cheering moment. I was about to board a plan with someone who does not have a pilots license, to go over seas and leave my best friends. This was a crying moment, but tears did not run down my face as if I thought they would. I stood there and tried to cry, but the tears just would not come, which made me feel like crap. Why couldn’t I cry, what was wrong with me, this was almost the worst day of my life and yet I cannot cry about it. I looked at my friends, they all had smiles on there faces, they were happy. Why were my friends happy I was leaving, this is not an acheering moment I have already established that. But I then realized why they were happy, why they had these huge smiles on there faces. This was it, we had just faced the worst thing that we cold ever could experience in our hole lives, and we faced it together. I smiled a bit, this was it, our last Great Adventure and we did it together. Without getting to sappy about the fact that we all finished I smiled and gave a big hug to all my friends.

I jumped into the cockpit of the plane; it was very snug I did not expect that. I put the small helm on my head, and gave one last wave to my friends as the plane took off. This was it I was finally gone.



The plane ride was smooth and fast I did not expect to be there so soon. I made it

Just in time to meet my family at the gate of the plane.

            “Where have you been, I don’t remember seeing you in the plane at all.” My mom says putting her arm around my shoulder.

            I smiled softly and said with a small laugh, “I was there you just didn’t notice because I was so quite.”

            “Why where you so quite?” she asked as we went for our bags

            “I guess I was just a little upset about leaving my friends.” I said reaching down for my bags

            “Well how are you now?” she asked in a concerned mother’s voice.

            I looked into the air and saw the ceiling of the airport, “Good, I think I was freaking out over nothing.” I looked at my mom who seemed please with me, “Everything is going to be fine.” I smiled

            We walked through the airport side by side my family and I did. And this time, silence did not plague the air that surrounded us; instead, jokes of the past and about the future filled the air. There was no distance between my family and I, we stuck together down to the very last moment. Hearing my father’s voice joke back in forth with my brother and sister I knew than that everything was truly going to be okay.

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