So I figure it’s time for me to update.

Schedule: Alegerbra II
                Physical Sports
                AP English
                Spanish I
                Advanced Band 
                Jazz Band

School is okay, I don’t mind it to much. I now have alot of friends that I can acually relate to so its fun. I skiped history the other day, sorry ya’ll but I had to. My classes are fun. Alegerbra II is so funny only because my teacher doesn’t speak proper english and is horrible at math. PE is okay, even though they make me swim and that sucks big time, but one only for a few more weeks and I’ll be free. History is funny, my teacher is funny as crap, and the people in there crack me up. OH AP English, it helps but my teacher has the most annoying laugh in the history of laughs. Chemisrty, my teacher is just a dork, but he’s sweet so its cool. Spanish I, my teacher is the cheerleading coach so she treats me like gold yeah. Advancded band, wow a oxymorn of a name, but its cool because Danny, Cliff, Jared, Maria and I talk through the hole thing. Same thing in Jazz band its so much fun, even though my lips hurt after playing so much. I’m the mascot again, and we are going to Kubaski tomorrow to play, we are going to win because our football team is acually good, like crazy good. Well that it, I guess, If you read all this more power to ya.

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