Chapter 1 of my new story (unedited)

To whom it may concern:

I want to start off by saying you have picked the right citizen for this job. I sincerely think you could not have picked a better person for the task that has been set before me. I am sure you know who I am, and my ability to not only preform this task with precision and accuracy, but je ne sais quoi of the mostly highly trained agent you have on staff. I understand my patriotic duty and am proud to serve.

Let me say I was raised properly. I understand others might not be as fortunate as myself, to have the genes that I do, but I don’t see that as an excuse. My parental units are true patriots down to the letter. I feel comfortable saying if either one of them were in this particular situation they would not hesitate to react in the exact way that I am. After all they, like myself, live their lives in service to the government. It gives me great pride to say I have the sensibility of both my mother and father. It’s not everyday you find someone my age that is prepared to do the right thing over everything. Integrity is hard to come by in a teenager. With humility I say, I have it in spades.

I feel as if a bit of my life history will give you a good look into the type of citizen  you are dealing with. It’s understandable that reading a letter written by someone so young might seem a bit discouraging, but I can comfortably state the fact you are dealing with one of the top young minds in this section, as you undoubtedly know. I am aware government officials such as yourself are purely fact based individuals, and so I will give you the facts of my life, so your faith in me can be sealed.

I was born to a government official parental unit. My mother is chief of staff to Section One President Adams, and my father is  chief of staff to Vice President Collar.  Both have served their positions for well over twenty years. When the population fell below levels, they decided to reproduce. After all top minds such as there’s should contribute a child to society. I was born a year later.

From day one I was taught by touter that specialized in infants. I was learning at the level of a second grader before I could speak. I had a grip on not only the English language but the French as well. It wasn’t long before I grew and was ready to take care of myself.

At the age of five I was sent to Section 1 Subsection A to boarding school. My parental units were of course too important to be in charge of a child. I, of course, understood who my parental units were, and was more than happy to be in boarding school so they may continue to honor their commitments.

My school is filled with the children of the top minds in the world. Only those that had shown an advance intelligence level were permitted to send their child to this school. With that I have received a top level education. I receive top marks in everything; I give credit to my eidetic and photographic memory. I have been told by several well noted officials I am being groomed to be one of the highest posted government workers, particularly in politics. After all my parental units are chief of staff, and nothing less is expected of me.

I participate in several educational extra circular activities built not only to keep my mind sharp, but to socialize me with only the best and the brightest the school has to offer. I am proud to say I am the leader of all of these activities. I was given the positions to prepare me for my future in politics. I execute my duties with the up most of ease. I have been told on several occasions that it is my organizational skills and my ability to lead that make it so easy for me. I am a firm, yet open minded leader. It instills confidence in those below me that they are free to have ideas, and I will put them into motion in the best possible way. It’s been said on several occasions I show the true signs of a great President.

With this I bring you to my fifteenth birthday, which as you already know I was assigned a partner. It’s always fascinated me that your partner is picked from a pool of people that were born within your birth month. I would be lying if I didn’t mention I got my hopes up when I found the perfect boy born in my month that I wanted to be partnered with. After all it would be a waste to not let my procreate and this boy is the perfect specimen to be the other unit to a child from my gene pool. Never the less I understand how partners are picked, and I am sure The Sorter does not make mistakes. I was shocked however to find that I was paired with another female.

I was handed the file of one Adeline Roxanne Henderson, a fifteen year old born and raised in Satellite Section B. The second biggest shocker, just below her being a female, was the fact she was born in Satellite Section B. I didn’t think people were born in the Satellite Sections let alone raised there. The only thing I know about the Satellite Sections, is SSA is at the very tip of the world, and no one really lives there, and SSB is in the old state of Hawaii.

The most fascinating thing about SSB has to be annual summit. It’s held on the large island for one month. I follow it on my computer every year. I enjoy seeing our law makers at work. I enjoy seeing what I will be doing with my life as soon as my schooling is complete.

I had no idea a child unit could be born, and be raised in such a grand place. I would think someone of my gene pool and caliber would be the first picked to be raised where politicians made laws, but I don’t question the system.

After a days’ worth of contemplation on the subject of my duty to procreat and the fact that it was no longer on my agenda, I went straight to acceptance of my new partner. I told myself that this is for a reason. I told myself that The Sorter has paired me with someone from SSB, the very place I am destined to end up. I was convinced she had to be as well educated I was. I got it into my head that maybe she and I could take my parental units place as chief of staff. Maybe after a few years, if she was as good as me, we could be President and Vice President. We could return to her home section once a year and help change the world. Excitement  began to pool up inside me. I couldn’t wait to meet my new partner.

It wasn’t until the next day when Adeline Roxanne Henderson (Citizen Number 587-283-4545) stepped into my life and my relationship with her began.

She proceeded to tell me her name and how she would prefer to be called Add and so for the rest of my letters I will refer to her as Add. She is, what the more vain citizens, who base things off of aesthetics, would consider quite beautiful. Her long brown hair the color of Section 2 dark chocolate, and her eyes can only be described as the exact color the word blue was assigned to on the spectrum. She was tall and had tanned skin and an athletic build. There was no doubt that if a persons status in this world was based on looks, Add would be President.

I immediately began to ask her question, to judge the person I would be spending the rest of my life with. When I asked her how she enjoyed growing up on Satellite Section B I was hoping for detail on the politicians and the Annual Summit. Much to my dismay she only went on about the beaches and how clear they were. Instead of hearing about the Section President, I was hearing about the temperature of the water, and how soft the sand was. I began to think maybe this was not the best partner for someone like myself, but like I said I am aware The Sorter doesn’t make mistakes.

I, trying to be polite, continued the conversation with Add trying to steer her to the subject I found most interesting, politics. I asked her about the annual summit and this was the conversation that took place.

Me: If you live in SSB it must mean you get to see the annual summit each year.
Add: Its not so much that I get to see it as I am forced to help out.
Me: You mean you actually get to meet the officials and everything.
Add: If by meet you mean get to clean up after they are done, then yeah sure.
Me: That must be so exciting for you. I could not imagine being in the same place as the officials not to mention actually getting to be at the summit.
Add: (Laughing) All I know is that once a year for one whole month my life is interrupted. The worst part of it all is that it’s in the exact point in time when the best surf appears. The beaches couldn’t be any clearer, the waves couldn’t be higher, and I am filing papers into little black folders in a room with no windows.
Me: You get to see the notes from the summit?

Add: You care a lot about the summit.

Me: Of course, it’s where laws are made. Don’t you care about the countries laws.

Add: I care about missing the surf.

It was at that point when I realized what type of person Add truly was, a Post Thinker. I had never met a Post Thinker before, but I studied them in political science, and history. It always amazed me someone would still be carrying the thoughts and notions of the people in the past.

It was explained to me that Post Thinkers wanted the world to go back to the way it was before the Sections where made. I could not then, and still do not understand how anyone could carry those notions with them. The Sections keep us safe, they keep us in order, they remind us of what the government has done for us.

I have never been outside of Section One before, but I have heard stories about what it is like beyond the wall. I am not one to spread rumors, but my best friend Sherry has a brother unit that is a soldier in the sections military. He has been beyond the wall for transport duty and he said it is a disaster out there. He said animals run wild, and everything is in ruin. He didn’t mention if people still lived out there, but just the thought is enough to keep me far away from the gates. When I am mature enough to leave the section, it will be by plan, and that plan will land in another section inside the walls. A world without government protection seems like it would be chaos.

Back to the subject at hand. I had realized then that my new partner Add is a Post Thinker. She was more focused on the land then the people in front of her. She continued on for the next hour or so telling me about fruit trees and birds, and other things I was not interested in. I continued to question why this particular person was put into my life. It took me a lot longer than I am comfortable admitting, but it occurred to me that maybe Add was put into my life in order for me to change her thinking.

At that moment I decided to participate in her conversation, she was unnoticeably having with herself.

Me: Can I ask you a question Add?

Add: Of course, I mean we are stuck together forever, we should be able to ask each other questions.

Me: Right, well my question is, do you follow politics in anyway.

Add: (Laughing) The only time I check into politics is when they make it harder for me to live my life.

Me: How do they make it harder for you to live your life?

Add: Restrictions. (this was said with conviction)

Me: Restrictions are there to keep us safe.

Add: (started laughing, then stopped when she realized that I was serious) Oh wow you actually believe that they are on our side.

Me: If you mean the politicians, then yes I know they are on our side.

Add: You are a true believer, arn’t you?

Me: In the government? Yes I am.

Add: Why

Me: Because they protect us.

Add: (turning her back on me) I can’t believe I am partnered with a fucking Chala.

Me: What’s a chala.

Add: Someone like yourself. It’s what we call brainwashed ‘officials in training’ like you. All caught up in the government and their rules. You drank the water. They got you. The funny part is you don’t even know it.

Me: I am brainwashed? (I tried to keep my pose even though I was highly offended.) And I take it you are not, that you have not drank this so called water. That ‘they’ have not gotten you?

Add: I drink the pure water of mother Hawaii, the milk from her coconuts, the juice from her fruit trees, the water from her oceans purified in the sun, the fresh rain waters straight from the leaves on her great trees.

Me: It’s call Satellite Section B, not Hawaii.

Add: You’re government people can call her by a different name if they want, but it doesn’t change Hawaii.

Me: You’re a Post Thinker and a naturalist

Add: I am a surfer, and a nature lover.

Me: Call it what you want, I know what you truly are.

Add: And I know what you truly are too. You’re a Chala. (there was a long pause) Looks like we are stuck with each other.

Me: Looks like it.

As you can see from the transcript of our conversation not only is Add a Post Thinker, but she is part of the naturalist of the world. I can assure you, because of my remarkable memory that my transcripts are accurate down to the last letter. My mind is a steal trap and I am reporting everything exactly as she said it.

The fact that this person has been sent into my life, at first was a mystery to me. But I say now, it is clear why The Sorter would put someone so drastically my opposite into me path. They knew only someone of my caliber would be able to smoke out a Post Thinker. The government, being as fair as they are, have no reason to spy on children. You all have no reason to question a teenager on their views. Putting Add as my partner is your way of finding all the Post Thinkers.

You must have suspected that Post Thinkers were living right under your noses in SSB, and so close to the Presidents at the summit. In order to remain within the rights you gave to all citizens you have sent them to people such as myself to help you catch them. I understand there would be no way of telling me something like this, so it was up to me to figure it out. Why else would you give me someone like Add as my partner, when Jeremy (the boy I mentioned in the top of my report) was so perfect for me. This is top secret work hidden even from the agents themselves.

I tell you now, I accept my role in this great task. I am humbled by the confidence you have in me to preform such a weighing task. I am sure you know, just as all my teachers do, I am the best person for a job of this magnitude. I will not fail you.

I will continue to write reports on Adeline Roxanne Henderson, and send them to headquarters. I will collect as much evidence as I can on the Post Thinker, and include then inside my reports. You will get only excellence out of me. My work has always been and will always be thorough and well organized.

Again I thank you for your confidence in me, and reassure you, I will preform this task to the best of my ability.

Signing Out.

Citizen Number: 789-045-0122

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