The beginning of a story I am writing (unedited)

They say it was around 2008 when The Scud first showed up. It took doctors over ten years to figure out what it was. A super virus that would lay dormant in your system for 6 to 8 months before unleashing a plaque of symptoms that would kill you within ten days. It’s still a mystery how it came to be. Theories range from animals spreading it to humans by food or bestiality. The most notable theory being that every virus combed into one super virus from some sort of freak mutation. Never the less The Scud was here, and it took over the world.

The Scud was transferred between humans by an exchanging of fluids. Any kind of fluid would do. A person in “the death stage” of The Scud could sneeze and wipe out a subway car full of people. The most common way The Scud was transferred is through sexual contact with someone in “the dormant stage.” You would have casual sex with a stranger and 6 months later break out in sores all over your body.

Not knowing you were infected, means not knowing that you are spreading the most lethal virus known to man to everyone. You could have spread the virus to any number of people while in “the dormant stage.”

The pain caused by The Scud was described as third degree burns with needles lined with acid poking at it. You went blind inside of an hour, the rest of your sense disappeared in a few days. You would vomit uncontrollably, not to mention what came out of the other end. No one could help you. If someone touched you with any open sores, or maybe got just a hint of something near their nose, mouth, eyes, or ears, they risked getting infected too. Most of the time hospitals through you in a plastic lined roomed in the basement and burned everything, including your body after you died a slow painful death.

Most people committed suicide after a diagnosis. Some lived up to their last breath, screaming until they drowned in their own vomit and blood. The most evil of them spread the virus hoping to take as many unsuspecting people with them as they could.

The ones who became infected where required to identify themselves to any person they came into contact with. Of course, many were too embarrassed to go to their friends and say “I have The Scud.” So they continued on living, drinking beers after their friends, sneezing in their air space, coughing over food, believing that everything would be okay, knowing that they were infecting everyone around them.

The Scud hit hard, 90% of the population dead within fifty years. The entire world’s population paired down to a few million souls desperately trying to stay alive. New babies where not being born out of fear of catching The Scud during a sexual act. Husbands, wife’s, partners all afraid to be with one another.

To the rescue is the world government, now boiled down to just a few members. They built three sections to house the uninfected. One on the North American continent to house who ever could make it there. Another on the Asian/Europe/Africa land mass to house whoever could find their way there. The last on the Australian continent for all those who could get there. In the sections everyone was tested for The Scud, all positives where turned away at the door. If they didn’t leave freely, they were shot and their bodies burned.

It was just 5% of the original population that were now housed in three government controlled sections block off by thick concrete walls and virus safe lining. The ones turned away are said to still be out there beyond the walls, but normal citizens are not allowed outside without government supervision, so they wouldn’t know.

Everything has been govermentized in every way. The people owe the government for their safety and wellbeing and thus don’t question the concept. You enter school at the age of two, you are taught everything you need to know. At the age of 15 you are given a partner and your parents are no longer responsible for you.

Everyone is government sponsored for the next two years of school. At 17 you may either join the work force or continued your government sponsorship in college. Over two years of government sponsorship results in a life debt. You get a year, you give a year, usually doing whatever they needed highly educated minds to do . If you get out at 17 you can have any job you want.

The government will only sponsor you for two years, after that you owe them. So if you were in the system at the age of ten and didn’t get out until seventeen, you owe the government ten years. Most people in the situation join the military.

Your life choices are no longer your own once you have a partner. It is officially time for you to be open to any and every idea they have. Choices must be made as a team, or not at all. A partner shares your life with you. You are not to share the intimate details of your life or your partners with anyone outside the unit. You are not to have a sexual relationship with anyone outside of your partner. To keep control of this, all humans are sterilized at birth and thus their sex drive killed. The thought of a sexual relationship doesn’t occur unless you are unsterilized for the purpose of having a child. The two of you are responsible for each other in every way shape and form. You are paired up with someone who will bring out the best in you, letting you live to your full potential.

Partnership can be girl boy, boy boy, or girl girl. The Sorter, who chooses these partnerships, does not discriminate against race, color, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. You are given a partner based off of your needs and theirs.

Together you are a unit. A unit will consist of a minimum of two and a maximum of four people. Partners may either give birth too, or adopt up to two children to raise as their own. Being a unit is not about love and passion, it is about stability and safety. The thought that someone is there for everything you might need is comforting, but you must be there for them too. If one partner fails the unit fails. If one partner steals and is put on trial, both are on trial. If one partner is sentenced to prison, both are sentenced to prison. The only way to get a new partner is if yours dies. Then you are put back into the system and paired up with another who has lost their other have, and now the two of you make a unit.

You will live life to the fullest. Study hard, get a good job, be a good partner, contribute to the government and be a good citizen. Life is about being a patriotic citizen. When you are good to the government the government is good to you.



*any comments are welcome, criticism,encouragement, and ideas, everything will help.

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