Thoughts of a Mad Man?

I’m not saying my cat is as smart as a human. I mean I wouldn’t be surprised if he began speaking to me, probably in better English than I use myself. Though I would have to question where he learned to speak so properly, seeing as I am the only one who has ever spoken to him. I’m not saying my cat has the intelligence level of a college junior majoring in English, I am simply saying he has the intellect to pull off a job like this. I know he stole my beach towel. This may seem ridiculous to all of you out there with mediocre cats, but mine is far from ordinary. I struggle to bring up the time he knocked my hot bowl of soup on my lap after I mentioned, in passing, he should try to loose a few pounds. Vindictive? I say yes! Thief? I wouldn’t put it past him. I am sure he has taken my beach towel, just because I told him, for his own good, that he should lay off the catnip. I guess I am taking a regular towel to the beach. I bet he is laughing right now imagining my feet hanging off my short towel. I bet he is laughing on my beach towel.


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