The Task

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Final Trio.”

Shall I tell you a story?



No one?



Well I will tell myself a story and anyone who wishes to listen to it can. I mean it is not a requirement, but if someone should be sitting around doing nothing, maybe ignoring my questions because they don’t want to seem uncool for really wanting to listen to a story, because story listening is tre uncool, then they can act like they are not listening even though to totally are.

Let’s Go.


Once upon a time in a land close to us, not so close you can drive to it in a half an hour, but close enough that you wouldn’t exclude it in your search for great movie theaters. In this land there is a girl, the kind of girl you would see in a band, a good band, a rock band, the kind of girl that plays the bass. This girl was given a task, and not just any task a task that in which her entire future rested upon. The outcome of this task would decided wether or not she would be a complete success or a totally failure. She, needless to say, took said task extremely seriously, but not so serious that it made things uncomfortable. She listened to the directions given to her and even clarified them with the directions giver and task maker just to make sure she didn’t hear anything wrong, or assume anything that didn’t need to be assumed. Next she went and got dressed for the task, jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt, nothing crazy. She grabbed her wallet and keys and headed to her car to complete this life altering task.

In the car she cranked “Please Don’t Tease” by The Donnas, loud enough to be cool, but not so loud that it would distract her from her incredibly important task. She drove for about five minutes until she got to the place where she needed to be in order to finally complete the quest she was sent on. She jumped out of her awesome car and walked into the huge place, full of distractions that she skillfully avoided.

In the place she didn’t look around at anything, she simply headed right for what she needed. She looked incredibly determined as she set her eyes on the things she must get. She reached for one of the items, but it was cracked, smartly she bypassed that and went right for the untracked one. Before she knew it she had everything she needed to finish her job and make it home in the time allotted to her. She rushed past all the people in the place and paid for her items. All that was left to do was to show the directions giver how well she followed the directions and get the praise she deserved. So she walked out of the place and drove back to the directions giver.

As she walked into the house she handed the items to the directions giver, task maker with a smile, not to cocky, not too nonchalant either. The task maker, looked down at the items but didn’t smile. How was this possible the girl wondered, she followed all directions to the ’t’ how was the outcome not what the task maker wanted. She protested, respectfully of course.

The task giver looked down at the items and said “I wanted spicy mustard, this is regular mustard.”

The girl sighed and grabbed the mustard from the directions givers hands, placing it sadly on the counter. She kissed the task maker on the cheek, grabbed her keys off the bookself and headed back out to complete the task correctly this time.


Now wasn’t that fun?


Well, than you do better.


Well you do better.

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