Our Way of Life

WARNING: This is a writing assignment. The prompt was to take what you are passionate about and write the opposite. This is me viewing the world in a different way. I did not enjoy writing this, but it did open my eyes. I hope it will open yours too.

They’re here, they’re queer, and they bring fear.

I like to think of myself as an open minded person. As open minded as one can be while still sticking to the believe system which I was brought up in. It’s not that I don’t think people should have freedoms or happiness, I just don’t want all their ‘goings on’ to destroy all that I hold true. I get it, love is love, but I say love is not love when it is soaked in debauchery  and blasphemy. Are we not humans, governed by not only the laws of nature but the laws of God himself? How can we sit around and say that it is okay? How can we let these gays, lesbians, transgender and whatever else they call themselves come into our world and change they way we live our life? If you think these people life choice is not going to effect you and your family you are dead wrong.

Marriage is defined as one woman and one man for one simple reason, this man and woman can produce a child. I can understand how a same sex couple can have a child, but it is not a child produced in natural ways. Do we as people really want a army of babies produced in test tubes and planted into a woman like some farmer planting a seed in a field? How is this scientifically produced child supposed to grow up? How do you explain that mommy and mommy had to go to the doctor so he could mix you up in a petri dish like growing mold cultures, just so we can have you? Do you honestly think this child is going to have a normal life? Not only will it be a freak from it’s birth, but a freak for having two mommy’s or two daddy’s. Maybe it will have a parent that doesn’t even have a gender, who knows.

These lesbians walking around acting like they can raise a healthy boy is a joke. I’m sorry but a boy needs a man in it’s life to know how to be a man. Two women cannot teach a boy what it is to be a man. The only thing a boy brought up in a female household is going to learn is how to be a girl. This poor boy will grow up to be a sissy, doing ballet and drinking tea at a pink table, playing with dolls. This will only lead to him kissing boys like girls are meant to do. This happens because he doesn’t have a man there to teach him what to do and how to act. How will he learn to through a football? How will this boy learn to stand up for himself? Raising a male child in a female relationship house hold will do nothing but scar the boy for life. He won’t be a man, he will be some freak who has no friends and hates himself.

If you think raising a girl in a boy on boy household is any better you are wrong. I don’t understand why these perverts want a baby girl to begin with, but I can guarantee you she will end up as a lesbian. I understand gay men are feminine and girly but they cannot raise a girl to be a proper lady. A man has no idea how to teach a girl the ways of being a lady. How will a dad know about her time of the month? How will he teach her how to put on a bra? He probably has never touched a bra is his life. This girl will grow up to be a tom boy who other girls hate. She will have no friends and no life and probably resort to doing drugs to make her feel happy.

These children of gay households will hate themselves. They will realize they are not normal and hate their so called parents for bringing them into this world. The end results for these poor souls will be suicide. More dead kids in this world, all because of the selfishness of these freaks wanting to be parents.

It is a fact that when two homos raise a child, that child will more than likely end up a homo too. With this cycle the entire world will end up full of these monster walking around telling good God fearing people it is okay to sin against the Lord. This is not what we want as a nation.

If we allow these people to get married, they will want other things. They will manipulate everything and turn it into this big gay freak show that normal people can’t walk around in. They will raise gay children who will try to turn our normal children gay too. They will turn our youth against us and against God. They will bring down our country into the fiery pits of hell. The only thing we can do is stop the debauchery before it begins. If we don’t allow them to marry, they won’t have kids and the world will remain the place it is now. It is for the best.



2 thoughts on “Our Way of Life

  1. Did this make you feel as dirty after writing it as it did me after reading it? Now go wash your hands with lye soap! I know I did after writing mine, at least figuratively. This exercise really does help point out the absurdity of sexist and other anti-humanistic belief systems. As though we didn’t know they were absurd before…Judy

    • Oh yes it made me feel dirty writing it. I read it to my wife without telling her what the prompt was and she was like “WHAT” I needed a break after to get my mind straight. It is crazy how people think in this world. It was a great excretes in seeing the world through other people’s eyes, no matter how crazy it was.

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