I Overdose

Have you ever gotten high off a person? Their presence, their being, it just intoxicated you to the point where you thought they radiated happiness, and it was your job to bask in it. They were the chemicals following through your veins bringing you joy. You get so high off that feeling you get when they talk to you, when they care about you, when they simply smile, it’s so amazing you find it hard not to think about it.

Soon you realize that every time they care it’s only because they need you to care about them. You start to realize you’re only important when it’s convenient. You start to open your eyes to who they are. You start to come off that high.

Soon they don’t shine so bright. Soon they don’t radiant happiness anymore. Soon that scent that made you think of joy now makes you think of pain. Your brain builds a tolerance to them.

That chemical reaction they gave you, that feeling they gave you… that’s gone. And now you realize the hollowness of it all, and it’s time for them to go.

Detoxing from a person is one of the hardest things to do. Getting off that drug takes more out of you than you realized.

Soon you realize you never needed them to be happy. You realize that you were happy all along and they were just there. You realize it was you who was radiating happiness and they were stealing your glory. They were taking everything you were to make themselves happier. You never needed them, they needed you. You were overdosing on being needed.

It’s over now. The sting is still there. You find yourself still craving them every once and awhile. When someone mentions them, or reminds you of them, you find yourself wanting more. But remember what you felt like when you detoxed. Remember how it felt to come down, never focus on the up.

You are happy and they are nowhere to be found. You are drug free. Love your life without them. Live your life without them.


One thought on “I Overdose

  1. I think while coming down from a great love is hard, coming down from a detoxing love is overpowering to the mind, soul, and heart. I have said this before and will say this again you are a wonderful writer keep it up. You have great insight and will reach a potential even you could never have seen.

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