About Me

My Name is Riley Chaser, and I fancy myself a writer. I am looking for any feedback, good or bad. I haven’t had the option of going to school for writing so I would love to hear from others.

I am a struggling writer. I have been writing since I can remember. My mother use to make me write when I was in trouble. I would read her these elaborate stories, but when she would look on the page it would be only scribbles. I’ve been writing even before I knew how to write, you could say.

I struggled a lot with dyslexia and it’s hard for me to have confidence in my writing, but I try. The only person that reads anything is my wife. I use to write stories for my friends but I would be laughed at a lot for my spelling so I just read them out loud. Everyone would enjoy the stories, no one knew how shamed I was for my spelling and grammar. I guess I am more of a story teller, since its so hard for me to write properly, but getting my stories down on paper means they last.

I’m in the military and I love my job, but I hope to be a writer one day. I hope someone will read my stuff and connect with it, and it will help them in some way. College is in my future, but like I said I struggle a lot, so it is slow going for now.

I write most teen fantasy, but I have been branching out into science fiction, and world creation. I’m big into Apocalyptic settings, and love writing new worlds in the aftermath. I have a hard time finishing what I start and I hope this blog will encourage me to finish my stories and try for a publisher.

Here’s hoping.


One thought on “About Me

  1. You’re a great storyteller, so it’s good that you continue to write. All writers struggle and that’s where the satisfaction comes from when you end up with a story. If you use spell & grammar checks, it usually catches what you may have missed, plus it’s a good learning tool. Keep going!

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